12 hours long encounter destroyed 36 years old literary work of Poet in Kashmir

wilayattimes (Jammu and Kashmir)

Srinagar:On a cold Thursday afternoon, an unassuming poet Madhosh Balhami was sitting in his small library writing poetry about the marriage of Prophet Mohammad’s daughter Hazrat Fatima when three rebels, two of them armed, entered his house here.
Unable to come to terms with the situation, Madhosh, 52, put the notepad in his pocket and deserted the house along with his family for safety. Twelve hours later, the piece of paper with half-written poetry is the only prized possession of the poet.
From his palatial house to a rare collection of books to his 35 years of literary work, Madhosh Balhami lost everything in the encounter. “There were 400 rare books in my library. Plus my entire literally work of 36 years was also in the house. Everything has been reduced to ashes. Though I have lost house, losing my poetry and books is the biggest tragedy,” said Madhosh.

Two militants were killed in 12-hour gunfight after they were cornered in Madhosh’s house after being chased down by the security forces following the attack on the BJP leader Mohommad Anwar Khan at Balhama area in Srinagar outskirts on Thursday. Two houses Including that of Mahdosh were completely damaged in the gunfight.

“We were busy in our daily chores when three youth, one of them injured, entered into our compound. One of them, who was unarmed, managed to flee but two others entered my house. They told me that their time is up and sought my forgiveness saying the house is bound to get damaged in the gunfight. They pleaded to forgive me in the name of Prophet’s grandsons Imam Hussain (Pbut) which I did,” said Madhosh.

Born Ghulam Mohommad Bhat, he attained Madhosh Balhami as his pen name when he started his literally journey. Starting 1982, Madhosh wrote every genre in Urdu and Kashmiri. From Naats to Nasheeds to Mankabats to Nawhas, Madhosh wrote everything which he thought was relevant and fits the bill.
The highlight of his literally work was that he never compromised on his principles. And that is why he never went to any government department or official to promote his work.
“I started my literally journey in 1982 and since then i have written everything. It included two of my books – Sada-e-Abuzar and Dard-e-Furkat. Plus all the written material in my library was sufficient for three more books. Fifty percent of my work is lying with the people but rest has gone forever in the deadly blaze. I was known as a revolutionary poet,” lamented Madhosh, who is associated with the prominent Shia cleric and Hurriyat leader Aga Syed Hassan Budgami.
Just couple of meters away Madhosh’s neighbor and brother in law Ghulam Mohidin Mir is inconsolable. Mir’s daughter was getting married in July and they had stored everything in the house.
“Everything is lost. I cannot say more because it will rub salt on our wounds. I have three kids and two of them are deaf and dumb,” said Mir, who retired as school teacher from J&K government.