14th Annual Soutul Auwliya Conference, Scholars call for Unity among Muslims

wilayattimes (Jammu and Kashmir)

Srinagar: Despite shutdown call and restrictions in Kashmir, thousands of people across valley thronged South Kashmir to attend the 14th Annual Soutul Auwliya Conference at Anantnag in which scholars urged upon Muslims to follow the teachings of Holy Prophet (S) and Quran to serve Islam and promote Unity among nations.

In a Statement to Wilayat Times, Renowned religious organization Tehreel Soutul Auwliya Jammu and Kashmir organized 14th annual Soutul Auwliya Conference at Bagh-e-Nowgam area of Anantnag district of Kashmir in which thousands of followers of Holy Prophet (Pbuh) attended the conference. Scholars from India and other places gave their speeches at the conference and praised the religious spirit of people of Jammu and Kashmir.

While presiding the conference, Patron of Tehreek Soutul Auwliya Jammu and Kashmir Alama Sheikh Abdul Rashid Dawoodi said that “Both India & Pakistan should come forward to solve the long pending Kashmir issue through trilateral solution”. The blood of Kashmiris has become so cheap that there is not a single day in Kashmir which goes without killings of a Kashmiri.

He urged Muslims across world to hold hands together & get united to defeat the conspiracies of fringe elements which are hell bent to divide & disturb Muslims nations through various plots.

While speaking on the Kathua incident, he said that no religion or politics should come into way when it comes to case of humanity. He demanded that culprits should be hanged, so that it will become a lesson for other people in future.

Prominent Scholar of J&K and Chief Patron of Tehreek Soutul Auwliya Abdul Rashid Dawoodi further said that, Our land Kashmir has been highly blessed by great saints like Hazrat Ameer-e-Kabir Mir Syed Ali Hamadani & we should not forgot their struggle & contribution towards Islam and Kashmir. We need to promote the recitation of precious gift called “Awrad Al Fatiha” specially given by Ameer-e-Kabir to people of Kashmir in our Mosques. We should reverberate this precious gift in all mosques as like our ancestors used to do.

He said that our Tehreek will left no stone unturned to spread the teachings of Shah-e-Hamdan in every corner of state.Tehreek-e-Soutul Awliya is going to revolutionize education sector in coming years by opening schools at district and tehsil levels across Jammu and Kashmir. These schools will provide both forms of education, Islamic as well as academic.

Sheikh Dawoodi said that our organization is in contact with the renowned scholars of the world & we will left no stone unturned to bring top International scholars of world to Kashmir so as to uplift the true teachings of Islam in Kashmir.

The renowned scholars enlightened the participants with their deep love & knowledge towards Allah & Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). They stressed upon unity among Muslims to tackle the difficulties undergone to Muslims all over the world.

Besides all the renowned Islamic scholars of Jammu Kashmir, the conference was attended by renowned scholars outside J&K which include Mufti Azam Moradabad UP, Mufti Abdul Manan Kareemi, Adv Mohammad Sadiqullah Bangalore & Abdul Hassan Qadri Former Mufti Jamia Qadria Durban South Africa etc.
On the occasion, turbans were tied on the heads of Hufaz-E-Kiram & Maulanas who compeleted their courses & memorizing the whole Quran in a short span of time at Soutul Awliya across J&K. At the end while displaying the Holy relics, Scholars prayed for the Muslim World and martyrs of Kashmir.