New Zealand Massacre handiwork of anti-Muslim forces:Alama Hami

wilayattimes (Jammu and Kashmir)

Srinagar/ Expressing serious concern, shock and grief over the killing of innocent Muslims in New Zealand, Karwani Islami patron Alama Ghulam Rasool Hami said that the attack on Muslims is the direct outcome of the propaganda being carried out by the national and international media against Muslims. He said a 25-year-old suicide bomber entered into the mosque and blew up himself to kill Muslims in large number stating the move deserves highest form of condemnation.

Addressing a massive gathering at Masjid-e-Shareef Ameer-e-Kabir Mir Syed Ali Hamdani (RA) at Kralpora, Budgam here, Alama Hami said that conspiracies are hatched across the globe against Muslims to create a wedge among the Muslim Ummah on one or the other pretext but Muslims need not to worry as Islam was a religion of peace and truth and falsehood never wins.

Alama Hami Calls for mass public campaign against growing liquor, drug abuse in Kashmir.

Alama Hami said strongly condemned the crackdown on religious leaders and activists and stated that the move needs to be condemned by all forms. The Karwan Islami patron also denounced the forces’ move of stopping the ambulances and school buses during the convoy movement stating that it has come to fore that people including patients and students are kept waiting for hours together when convoys move with the result students reach late to their schools and patients to suffer due to delay in reaching to the respective hospitals.

Alama Hami also stated that the society in Kashmir was neck deep in the menace of liquor and drug abuse and that it’s high time that Kashmiri society rises to the occasion to root out this growing abuse among the youth including the school and college going children. In a statement, Hami said it was due to the efforts of Khawja Moinudin (RA) that Islam reached to every nook and corner of India. He said revered saint at young age had mastered knowledge of various subjects including Theology, Philosophy and Sufism repute, a mystic and a perfect saint. “He spent his life in propagating Islam and undertook several extensive tours through difficult terrains and over hazardous routes,” he said.