800 year-old Quran on display in Turkey

wilayattimes (Turkey)

Istanbul:The manuscripts of an 800-year-old Quran are currently on display at the Tokat Museum in northern Turkey.“This Quran is the oldest written work exhibited in any museum in Anatolia,” Tokat Provincial Director of Culture and Tourism Adem Çakır told state-run Anadolu Agency.
The Quran was found in Tokat and then restored in the central Turkish province of Konya in 2010, Çakır said.
After one year of restoration work the manuscript was put on display at the museum in 2011, he added.
The colophon of the Quran indicates that it was written in 1190.
“It is certainly a rare work. A translation of the Arabic verses is also included underneath the [Arabic] text in the display,” Çakır said.