A Call that “Yemen” Turned into Hell!

wilayattimes (Jammu and Kashmir)

Finally, I would like to request every mindset; every kind human please put your all efforts to bring an end in Yemen WAR. Intellectuals, elite cream of the societies have some great responsibilities on their shoulders; hope they won’t upset Oppressed Yemen.

By: Mohammad Umms Rafiq

Children’s day is celebrated every year on the birthday anniversary of first Indian Prime Minister, leader of Indian Freedom movement, Because of his love, special attachment with children.

I am not going to criticize anyone here, but I will just try to highlight those things which have left everyone especially children in isolation, bloodshed, inhumanity, hatred, fear, and depression.

 For the sake of power Children are being used, their future is being sacrificed for Chair by insane people, tyrannical hearts.

Revenge is another terminology used by these heartless, cruel people which they infuse to the innocent hearts from early childhood in modern era.

Children are dependent on the care, love, empathy and attention of adults who love them but their attachments are frequently disrupted in times of war, due to loss of parents, use of brutal force on their families by oppressors. Emotional unavailability of distracted or depressed parents leaves these innocent souls in complete despair and hopelessness. Most of the children are “Unaccompanied children” in this war game because of the loss of adults (meant for the protection, care of children) as a result we can see “refugee like situation” in every war zone, battlefield.

What war gifts them?

Thousands of infant’ babies die of direct violence in war every year. Thousands of children suffer a range of war injuries by use of guns, landmines, chemical weapons, toxic elements during war. Millions of children are extremely disabled by war, many of whom don’t have any access to rehabilitation centers.

Conditions for child health maintenance are very tough as every source of food, water, air, everything is destroyed in the war thus, children don’t get enough food, fresh air, fresh water for their survival and even they don’t have any access to health services even.

Rapes and prostitution for subsistence facing HIV, AIDS and other sexual diseases. Psychological sufferings like horror and terror, depression and fear may leave enduring impacts in post-traumatic disorder.

Forcible dismantling of moral structure because of experience of indifference from the surrounding world or they may even lose the meaning of their lives which degrades them morally as well as spiritually and they get engaged in wrong activities like sex slavery, stealing and so on.

But, what I was trying to convey is that there is a place called Yemen which has been turned into hell or worse than that as far as devastating situation of this innocent soil is concerned. Everything has been leveled down to the ground, water and air nothing is helping Yemen but children are the biggest victim of this war led by Saudi and its allies like US and UK, Germany and UAE and France and Canada and many others.

The conflict has made Yemen a living hell for its children,” Meritxell Relano, UNICEF Representative in Yemen, told Reuters. She said more than 11 million children, or about 80 percent of the country’s population under the age of 18, were facing the threat of food shortages, disease, displacement and acute lack of access to basic social services.

“An estimated 1.8 million children are malnourished in the country. Nearly 400,000 of them are severely acute malnourished and they are fighting for their lives every day.”

A coalition of Arab states and USA, Israel and UK and other European countries intervened in the internal politics and issues of YEMEN. And destroyed almost whole Yemen but it is Ansarullah the popular Revolutionary committee of Yemen who stopped Saudi and allies from grabbing and looting the Yemen. Ansarullah or houthis are permanent residents of Yemen who are fighting for their land, shielding their people and have proved that pure resistance is the only way to defeat World of oppressors and Satans. Most of the people think that Houthis are rebels, May I ask them how? How can you call citizens of the nation rebels with whom whole nation stands step by step and denounce foreign Occupation, war. Houthis are very brave people who are fighting on behalf of their own people, without any advanced and well equipped technology, lacking missile system and modern weaponry, Ansarullah or Houthis are so strong that with simple guns and sticks they have defeated coalition of 39 countries most of which are Muslims.

The war has unleashed the world’s most urgent humanitarian crisis in the nation of 28 million, where 8.4 million people are believed to be on the verge of starvation and 22 million people are dependent on aid. Cholera, typhoid, TB and other diesels are engulfing whole Yemen in its grab. The coalition has imposed stringent measures on imports into Yemen to prevent them from importing even essentials and medicines from other parts of the world. Saudi Arabia and UAE claims that they are providing aid to the Conflict hit Yemen but story is opposite Saudi and allies have left no stone unturned to fill Yemeni soil with human bodies in less time and grab lands of Yemeni people.

As per fresh reports of UN, 1_2 or more than 2million children are at the risk of losing their lives by the end of this year. Bombing schools, targeting hospitals and school buses, attacking women and infants, destroying water bodies and crops, houses and mosques and everything in Yemen, is the reality of Saudi in Yemen war and all this game plan was hatched by Zionists while Saudi and allies while serving their tyrant masters committed a worst ever genocide in Yemen without thinking for children at least.

America is making things worst in Yemen and Yemen war is now turning out to be a disastrous ever war in modern times and its flames may possibly spread to neighboring states in the Middle East if not ended earlier and most earlier. Billions of dollars have been spent on Yemen war by Saudi monarchy but result is zero, only humanity and Yemen is being murdered and World has turned blind eye towards Yemen.

Hunger is also killing Yemen at an alarming rate not only bombs and missiles. The situation of Yemen is worst than worst because of the fact World bodies. Are silent, humanity is in deep slumber while as Muslims are drowning in big illusions and doubts regarding Yemen war. Most of the Muslims think that Yemen war is Shia Sunni war, no, not at all. If you ask this question to Yemenis, they will answer our only enemy is Israel and America not Saudi, because Saudi Arabia has been used by Zionists.

Finally, I would like to request every mindset; every kind human please put your all efforts to bring an end in Yemen WAR. Intellectuals, elite cream of the societies have some great responsibilities on their shoulders; hope they won’t upset Oppressed Yemen.

This is my humble request to media, please and please don’t make Yemen war a sectarian conflict but tell the people, that Yemen war is just a nefarious and brutal plot created by Zionists to make greater Israel. Zionists, imperialists, Thugs, smugglers, killers have joined their hands to destroy Muslim Ummah, first Afghanistan then Pakistan then Syria and Iraq, then Myanmar now Palestine and Yemen, what are we waiting for?  Where are we people heading towards? America and Israel with UK is hatching policies like “Divide and rule and destroy” and we people without thinking about their filthy motives start fighting on the name of caste, sect and religion and so on. Hope we people won’t allow USA and Israel to oppress Kabah which is under great threat as Saudi is directly following orders of US, hope this time we won’t allow these Heartless zombies to divide us. May Allah unite Muslim Ummah under the leadership of Imam Khamenei_ Ameen!