“A philanthropist who aims to bring the remarkable changes by chiselling the future of youths through education”

wilayattimes (Jammu and Kashmir)

Srinagar | WTNS : Hakeem Mohammad Iliyas has come up with yeoman’s service in the society by lighting the glimmerings of pedagogy to remove the swarthiness diversely.

Aga Syed Amin

Here is the conversion we have with the man who keeps gusty courage to sabotage the odds

Q. Why have you selected a career as a social worker?

Ans. Candidly, during my childhood days my teachers impressed me strongly to work for others as I believes that social services gives a worker valuable opportunities to walk and to see different communities which are less familiar but for me are colourful and most importantly it is the tonic to the soul. My vision is to relieve those who are in distress.”

Q. You’ve established Ehsaas international NGO , when did it came into existence and what prompted you for this?

Ans. As the 2014 flood in Kashmir valley left thousands homeless , questions were increasing there how – and even whether – to rebuild their homes. Some outsiders called me for the services of rebuilding the damaged houses in the valley I worked with in hand in glove with them and succeed in reconstructing about 200 houses thus I took a fire ball into my Soul as it takes some strong to make one strong. Our NGO Ehsaas international came into existence in 2015 with the aim to assist the higher class students.

Q. Why is your goal only to assist higher class students?

Ans. As the matter of the fact , there are various organizations at many be it village levels or other levels who help the lower class students , after the students crosses 10th class they’re now have to go for professional courses for which they need assistance in terms of counselling, coaching and other avenues. Most important at this stage there is one common question that strikes in every student’s mind. What next after 10th? Science, Commerce, Arts. This is a common confusion which most of the students face to counter such problems we organize career counselling programmes with a trained career counsellor to help them to derive a perfect career path we provide them a clear road map.

Q. You’re helping students to crake hard nuts how?

Ans. Actually we have on humanitarian grounds requested the leading coaching institutes of Srinigar to provide coaching to the meritorious students. Ever year these institutions provide admissions to more than 500 students. Many students come from far flung areas which make them suffer to travel daily for them we’ve rented separate hostels for boys and girls.

We have many successful stories many of our sponsored students have finished their studies in the best colleges of our country and have been employed in various departments”

We don’t only help the destitute students for getting better education but at times we help them to confront their social problems , we help them to live the their standard lives by providing them assistance for other purposes as well for instance for building a house, for medical concerns as well.”

In Covid19 Pandemic we established around 30 community classes to deliver free education to the students , we hired around 300 tutors for the smooth running of these institutions.

We established three Covid-19 hospitals in Srinagar nearest to the hospitals for Covid19 patients.