Abolition of Article 370 in Kashmir shows BJP’s racist ideology:Pakistan PM Imran Khan

wilayattimes (Pakistan)

Islamabad:Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan while addressing the joint session of Parliament said, “The decision to scrap Article 370 is in line with the ruling BJP’s racist ideology and we will take up the issue on every international forum to bring it to the notice of global leadership.”

Imran Khan will chaired  another meeting of the National Security Committee (NSC) in light of the Indian government’s resolution to abolish Article 370. Khan said, “The war on Kashmir between India and Pakistan will have dreadful consequences for the entire world. The scrapping of the special status would lead to Pulwama-like attacks.” He added, “We will exercise all possible options to counter the steps.”

On Tuesday Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan condemned India’s decision, accusing Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ruling party of believing “that Muslims should be ethnically cleansed in India.”

“If the world does not act now, if the so-called developed world does not uphold its own laws, then things will go to a place that will damage the whole world,” said Khan, who added he would lobby the United Nations Security Council about the issue.

Earlier on Monday, Pakistan’s Foreign Secretary had summoned India’s High Commissioner to convey “a strong demarche” on the Kashmir vote, it said in a statement.

Pakistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs “strongly” condemned India revoking Article 370 and would “exercise all possible options to counter the illegal steps,” a ministry statement said.