Agha Kashmiri an unsung Ayatollah

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The spread of Islam in Kashmir by the Sufi saints has always been discussed by various scholars, academics, writers, historians and believers. The impact of Sufism on the culture of the beautiful place has been alluring and has always enhanced the beauty of Kashmir. Beyond the known Kashmir, the mountain ranges, the green meadows, and the water bodies, there is a different world.

Special Feature Report  of Wilayat Times by Aga Syed Amin

The spread of Islam in Kashmir by the Sufi saints has always been discussed by various scholars, academics, writers, historians and believers. The impact of Sufism on the culture of the beautiful place has been alluring and has always enhanced the beauty of Kashmir. Beyond the known Kashmir, the mountain ranges, the green meadows, and the water bodies, there is a different world.

A world in which pioneering Saints and Islamic Celebrities are yet to be explored by the world in general and the valley of peers in particular among the Islamic flags bearers is one unsung Ayatollah Agha Syed Mohammad Mujtihad-Kashmiri, the one who stood like a rock to sabotage every snares of dichotomy between the ummah and formed unshakable belief among Shia Sunni kinships.

Born in the year 1329 Hijri in central Budgam’s Ichgham, Which has been the celebrated seat of learning from ages and Is still glowing with the same aroma despite enduring the political, social and economical upheavals.

Agha Syed Muhammad Al- Musvi- Kashmiri was guided by his Father Agha Syed Mustafa Mousvi, who himself became Agha Kashmiri’s elementary teacher, From Father Agha began to Study the Quran and also elementary Persian.

Ayatollah’s early life went through different phases, the first phase is marked mainly by trainings, education and practically evidence. After his Fathers guidance subsequently he was taught Islamic Jurisprudence by his older brother Moulana Agha Syed Jaffer Mousvi.

Agha Jaffer had his own Islamic institution, where Agha Kashmiri with scores of other Islamic Scholars were chiselled to create the widening Islamic awaking.

Which dates back the glorious era of Islamic place after Ahmad Pora , which was called the little Iran,  this village “ Ichgham”  was the holiest place where Islamic teaching was imparted to young minds to form an unshackled epoch matured with  theological nectars to make gigantic triumph over Mephistophelian maladies .

The advent of Islamic activism was on front-step to keep the Spiritual narcissism on embark by holding Majalises “Gathering” which further resulted in the growth of young students who were snatched from their houses to the Islamic institutions.

The second phase of Agha Kashmiri was marked when he was 11 years old, he stayed with Moulana Syed Hussain Shah Jalali and Grand Mufti Moulana Shrief-u-Diin at Srinagar’s Nabdipora, Nabdipora was too efflorescent with religious teaching.

Under the Sublime touchstone of  duo-Islamic Scholars Agha was groomed opulently with Islamic laws, ethics and spiritual philosophy, here Agha seemed to developed majors interests in fetching further educations.

Six years after, Agha’s moved Lucknow, the fact was undeniable the uncommonness in the Islamic alma matter in Kashmir which plugged many young Islamic students to halt their leading further, however Agha was luckiest to be among the galaxies at one of the leading centres of Shia Islamic education in the city of Lucknow, India.

Here Agha Was keenly interested in jurisprudence, philosophy and ethics, the teaching focussed often on the overriding relevance of religious to practical in socio-political issues of the day. His advocacy in writing and oratory was unparalleled in the Lucknow, which persuaded Agha Syed Baqir Khilf  “One of Agha’s peer at Lucknow”  to manoeuvre Agha Kashmiri To Najaf -E Ashraf  “The Gate Of Wisdom” in central Iraq , where Agha obtained Ijtihaad “ Doctrine  in  Religious aspects.”

He received religious education in the presence of scholars and attained the status of Ijtihad from Grand Ayatollah Syed Mohsin Alhakeem Tabatabai, Grand Ayatollah Sheikh Mohammad Shirazi, Grand Ayatollah Syed Abulhassan Isfahni, Grand Aytaollah Sheikh Abdulhussain Rashti, Grand Ayatollah Sheikh Mohammad Hussain Gharwi, Grand Ayatollah Mohammad Kazim Yazdi, Grand Ayatollah Sheikh Mohammad Hassan Al-Kashif-ul-Ghita, Grand Ayatollah Syed Abdullah Mosavi, Grand Ayatollah Sheikh Zia-ud-Din Iraqi and Grand Ayatollah Asadullah Zinjani.

Agha returned home where scarcity of religious manpower was seriously calling his presence to attune the religious teachings, prior returning to his mother home, Agha was requested to stay in Pakistan’s Punjab province for the propagation of Islam by Alama Syed Ali Hairi but Agha refused to stay there keeping in mind the dearth of religious intellectualism and need of  jurisprudence studies in Kashmir.

Agha Kashmiri received the historical Welcome at his home land, which was an evidence that Agha’s growing Islamic heights was a strong message for the Muslim unity to undermine the devilish plots of Islamic phobia.

After successfully Flourished the Islamic spectrum in valley Agha took privilege in constructing the Islamic learning institutions, the result of this was Anjuman-E-Moinul Islam came into being, the foundation of this institution was laid by the then popular religious cult Munshi Mohammad Issaq, Invited by Agha to made the moment a frolic one.

Later on its branches sprouted so healthy to bloom every nook and corner of valley, the gushing brooks played an important role to water the flowers of Islamic movement in Kashmir, with it’s title change to Jamia Mifati-a-Uloom.

It is worthy to mention here that these institutions were the hallmarks of Shia-Sunni unity, the reason is that Agha is still possessing the exalted reputation in both sects.

These institutions were excellently put in service of exploring the religious tantrums, the mission is still on move and shall remained to the cluster institutions can be seen at various places of valley supposedly taking a chance to mention few names Gungoo Pulwama, Balhama Srinagar, Khanda Budgam , Chattergham Budgam , Devsar Islamabad, Chittrrgul Islamabad etc. where Agha’s Caravan is striving to keep the zest and gusto well vibrated.

On 23rd Shawal 1378 Hijri Agha left for heaven and left behind his legacy to be carried on.

Talking to Wilayat Times Agha Syed Sibtain Mousvi the grandson of Agha Kashmiri said “That Agha’s Caravan is ahead with much advancements in the institutions, now his three grandsons are running many missions and propagating message of Islam.

Anjuman Moinul Islam headed by Agha Syed Mohammad Sibtain Mosavi, Pairwaan-e-Wilayat headed by Sibte Mohammad Shabir Qumi and Al-Asar Foundation headed by Dr.Agha Syed Mudasir Rizvi are the three grandsons of Late Agha who are working for the betterment of Islam and society in Kashmir. They all received the seminary education from the holy city of Qom and Agha Syed Mudasir is also having Ph.D in Arabic from JMI Delhi.

Scores of scholars like Hakim Ahmadullah, Hakim Shamsudin, Hakim Mohammad Maqbool, Hakim Abdul Aziz, Hakim Asadullah, Hakim Mohammad Jaffar, Aga Syed Mohammad Taqi Mosvi, Moulana Sheikh Wali Mohammad, Moulana Sheikh Mohammad Ibrahim, Moulana Sheikh Ghulam Mehdi, Moulana Syed Mohammad Ibn Syed Mustafa, Moulana Sheikh Ghulam Rasool, Moulana Sheikh Mehdi Hussain Najfi, Moulana Sheikh Ghulam Hussain Najafi, Moulana Syed Ahmad Mosavi Najafi, Moulana Syed Sadiq Najafi and Moulana Sheikh Mohammad Hussain have been produced by Agha’s founded Schools and will be continue to generate Islamic intellectualism.

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