Aijaz`s Success makes Music: Orionedutech Merry go round giving hopes to hopeless

wilayattimes (Jammu and Kashmir)

Srinagar | Aga Syed Amin | June 8: Worn-torn from his melancholic ramshackle life Aijaz’s success is now making music after got placed in Srinagar’s sole Sheikh-ul-Alam international airport in Security Wing with lucrative job.

Committed to win accolades from his big-wigs Aijaz made triumph over his assigned trail of three months probation by registering his win the hearts of his bosses , fortunately his salary got doubled With perks and is getting now 21k.

Success behind Aijaz is Orionedutech Budgam which chiselled his skills and explored what was unexplored in him , he revelled that PMKK(Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Kendras) has played the role of cornerstones , with much of my determination relish and gusto , Aijaz believed that good always comes with the cost , for him the cost is the transformation which transmuted a blue collar into white collar.

At a time when Aijaz’s hopes were shattered by the valley’s rapturous unemployment , his back was crumbed by the heavy responsibilities , today he is boss of the job and can carve his lips with for myriad smiles .

There are events in the womb of time , Aijaz’s constant fee fiasco for school was rattling his hopes to irksome dejections , but time again has the luck bringing unshrinkable lines in his hands which read the stories of mirth for his future.

However, PMKK played the key role of torch-bearer for his life which Aijaz admits , swollen with jubilation’s of merry go around he predicts the secure job life for others who are loaded artistry aptness.

“ I dared not to even assume that I shall be besieged with such talent foundry innovative breed, all my wishes were granted by PMKK , I shall be put on record my all gratitude to Orionedutech which left the treasured me with skills says glee merry Aijaz .

ORION came to me as a messiah to wipe down my dust of miseries , it stripped my household hopes with golden yearlings.

Aijaz success story is just another glaring example of the change, which pmkk is bringing to the lives of people through its much needed skill development programs .