Al Quds Day a prelude to rediscover the Muslim integrity

wilayattimes (Jammu and Kashmir)

“ The silence of authorities and global leaders over the Muslim genocide is actually our tremendous fiasco to honour the Imam’s coined term Quds.

The Quds message was not limited to Palestine or Quds but the message for Muslims through – out the world to evoke in them the gust of revolutions against their oppressions. Quds message is the message of humanity for the humanity ,the love for love , the pain for pain”

By;Syed Amin bin Jaffer Musvi

Al Quds day is a worldwide event dedicated to the rights and freedom of Palestinians against the illegal Zionist occupation. Al Quds day was founded by the late leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Khomeini who stated:

“The Quds Day is a universal day. It is not an exclusive day for Quds itself. It is a day for the oppressed to rise and stand against the arrogant.”– Ayatollah Khomeini

The Imam also stated that “ we must pay the sublime attention that we are all Muslims, we all believe in Holy Quran and tawhid so therefore, we all must to work hand in hand to serve the both . Muslim unity is the paramount need of the hour. Muslim unity is fundamental to combat the arrogances, If the Muslims were United like the fist no one can raise against them.”

The victory of Iran revolution didn’t conform to the usual of Western revolutions. Since ,Iran didn’t represent just an ordinary dictatorship but an absolute and arbitrary system that loose political legitimacy and a vigorous social base virtually across the whole society .

This became utterly a puzzle to some in the West and kept the tongue wagging restlessly surprisingly result in their despaired disappoint disillusionment and much more just after its wee triumphant years of revolution . It also shattered and shocked the modern Iranians who themselves had swelled into the streets crowds pro- Khomeini Slogans , the revolution became” enigmatic , bizarre and unthinkable “ The revolution took place after the 14 cruellest years of Imam’s exile . Thus this revolution set the minds of Iranian people free and send the shocker waves to its enemies which otherwise didn’t want to see Islamic awakening in Iran but wanted to turn Iran into Western colonies just to plunder the Islamic excellence .

Iran’s wealthiest resources were wholly flourished by the dictator for his luxuries but the real wealth was it’s intellectualism with pride here to mentions the names of its rare gems which includes Dr Ali Shiriti , Ayatollah Shaheed Murtaza Muthairi and the Ayatollah Hard Imam Khomeini RA , their contribution was exalted exemplary and indeed miraculous which awoke among the Iranian the gust of yet another revolution to set the Palestine free and to remain up in arms against Zionism and it’s all kinships and created the mechanism by its new coinage “ Quds for the Palestinian Struggle” .

The dethronement of Shah the then powerful allay of Israel and west ceased all the plots of Islamic enemies . Shah was instrumental for Israel and west in the sensitive middle East region .

In his master pieces Dr Ali Shiriti has mentioned “Whoever says Israel is a Western creature is bourgeois … Whoever feels sympathetic for the Palestinian refugees who have been expelled from their home cities and houses and lands into the burning deserts of Jordan their sympathy derives from bourgeoisie! Whoever feels hatred and revengeful for seeing that after all those [Muslim] glorious conquests in history, Jerusalem has now fallen to the hands of [Zionist] Jews and he Muslims have become defenceless victims of a Jewish-Christian [alliance] and are being expelled form that sacred land in the most brutal way, has been affected by the lowest bourgeois feelings.

As evident in this paragraph, he summarizes the reasons for his hostility to-wards Zionism as follows:

(1)Israel is a Western creature in the Middle East;

(2)Israel treats the Arab people unjustly and brutally; and finally

(3) Palestine is an inseparable part of the Muslim world.Rejecting the idea that Israel was ‘a free and democratic and socialist and anti-imperialist government,’ as claimed by some leftist writers, he accused them of being ignorant of the real nature of Israel.

(4)Highlighting Israel’s “injustice” even towards Jewish people, he wrote,There are a lot of human-loving and broadminded Jews who consider  Zionism and the state of Israel a betrayal to both Judaism and humanity.

The behaviour of the Israeli government is so beyond brutality and ultra-fascist, that even Hitler and Mussolini would renounce it. I have heard from many intellectual Iranian and Egyptian and Syrian and Iraqi and North African Jews, who are living in large numbers in Paris and Italy and Britain, that not only does the Israeli government look down at the Arabs – whose home had been there for centuries – like the Indian untouchables, but it even considers those Jews, who have been manipulated by the Zionist propaganda and have left Iran and Egypt .

On the other hand the Ayatollah Imam Khomeini RA, played an iconic role of torch bearer. Imam Khomeini RA announced to mark this day aimed at to put a gallant stance against Zionist conspiracies which sought the massive destruction of Palestine and slaughtered innumerable humans at a large scale which has never been seen before .

This speaks clearly the volumes of Palestine to have forcefully abided by the oppressed .The Zionism poses an endangering threat of Muslims from the holy land of Palestine and to the global security. Keeping all the attempts against Muslim world in his sublime consideration the Ayatollah Imam Khomeini RA proclaimed and declared the last Friday of Ramadan as the Quds day . Thus struggled and strived hard to bring all the world-wide Muslims on a single platform so to urge them about the utmost need of unity. This day as according to the Imam Khomeini RA serves as the shield to the Muslim world.

This day will be instrumental to stop the divisions among Muslims.Imam Khomeini RA gave us the thought they the Freedom of Muslims who have been from ages under the umbrage of oppression can be only found by rediscovering integrity. He used Palestine as metaphor and forecasted the fate of Muslims splitting Into major influxes and will get killed by labelling them the unscrupulous breed of desperados. Now the contemporary history is witnessing the oppressed Muslims. Ironically, instead of supporting each other, each Muslims now blame each other.

The necessary requirements for being able to adopt a basic stances against and peruse a serious struggle against it, are the people , while being aware of the facts , should at the same time need to be stricken with hard determining consumptions . it should trust their leaders to extent their faith and will power which seeks their movement for consulting their leaders with deep cooperation. However, the suppression and despotism prevalent in most Islamic countries People support the government.

It was Ayatollah Imam Khomeini RA, who educated the Muslim world to stand against the enemies of Islam, the Islamic of Hazrat Mohammad Mustafa (Pbuh). Imam’s teachings brought the sentimental uproar and worked for the major transformation of spiritual growth to defy the conspiracies being hatched against “Kiblah-Awal”

The Imam in his sermons kept people awaking about Jerusalem that it is the first “Kiblah” of Muslims and belong to hem – Muslims all over the world must know that Super powers aim in creating Israel doesn’t end in the occupation of Palestine in all Arab countries.

Imam’s Strategy to declare the last Friday of Ramadan as the Quds day, means to speak clearly about Muslim integrity , irrespective of different schools of thoughts .

Integrity in Islam refers to the restoration and maintenance of that natural and primal state of purity. Allah says what means): “Set your face to the deen (religion of Islam) in sincerity which is Allah’s fitrah upon which He created mankind. There is no changing in the creation of Allah. That is the right deen but most people know not.” [Quran 30:30]. When we talk of integrity, we generally refer (at least in part) to the realization of that nature which is literally integral to our being; of being true to our intrinsic qualities and character.

The rapid growth of all snares of evils , crimes , brutalities against Muslims all around the world is the stark Truth that we remain excellently busy in spreading the venom to divide each other and to destroy our beloved rendezvous f Muslim workplace to chisel the new horizons of unity.

The silence of authorities and global leaders over the Muslim genocide is actually our tremendous fiasco to honour the Imam’s coined term Quds.

The Quds message was not limited to Palestine or Quds but the message for Muslims through out the world to evoke n them the gust of revolutions against their oppressions. Quds message was the message of humanity for the humanity ,the love for love , the pain for pain.

Since ,the Integrity in Islam has to do with the consistency of the individual with his or her innate purpose; the totality of the individual’s life being kept in alignment with their intrinsic function. It is not merely the dogmatism of adherence to a relatively arbitrary code of conduct and behaviour, but the preservation of the individual’s purity and authenticity. Whereas the philosophical definition of integrity would take violation of a given code of ethics as what invalidates one’s integrity; in Islam, the violation of integrity constitutes an alienation from one’s nature with drastic and profound consequences that ultimately invalidate one’s very life.

As early in Iran revolution – the intonation of Allah-o- Akbar – the sovereign cry of nation dethroned the Shah, imilarly the duty of Muslims is to raise the voice against the oppressor.

Quds reflects our dogmatic kinships , it’s Freedom is our Faith Since, the legacy should be claimed by its heirs
Prophet Mohammad (SAWW) Ahlulbayt (A.S.) and noble companions (RA) used to say their prayers facing towards direction of Quds. Prophet Mohammad (SAWW) offered his prayers facing Bait-ul-Muqqadas for thirteen years when he was in Makkah then for seventeen months after emigration to Medina. The foundation for Bait-ul uqqadas has been laid by Prophets of Allah Almighty and they used to spend their sacred life there besides offered their prayers there also. Prophet Mohammad (SAWW) has said that Masjid-ul-Haram in Mecca is the first mosque that was constructed in the world and then Bait-ul-Muqqadas was the second mosque which was build 40 years later after the establishment of Masjid-ul-Haram.