Alama Hami Urges Ulemas to forge unity to defeat forces triggering a divide in name of Islam

wilayattimes (Jammu and Kashmir)

Srinagar:Karawan-e-Islami patron Alama Ghulam Rasool Hami urged the Ulema and Islamic Scholars to refrain from holding or organizing sectarian debates (Munazira) stating that Kashmiri nation has been already bleeding and entering into sectarian debates to wherein some people resort to mudslinging on great Sufi saints amounts to rubbing salt on the wounds of people of Kashmir.
In a Statement to Wilayat Times,While interacting with the prominent Ulemas, general executive body of Karwani Islami, and the media persons, Alama Hami said that it has been observed that unnecessary debates are being organized where Ulema of Ahlisunah are targeted and also great and sacred contributions of revered Sufi Saints of Kashmir is discussed and their contribution and way of worship questioned on flimsy grounds.

He said that there is no denying the fact that its because of lot of hard work of great saints including founder of Islam in Kashmir Hazrat Mir Syed Ali Hamdani (RA), Hazrat Sheikh ul Alam, and Hazrat Sheikh Hamzah (RA) who put in their blood and sweat to spread Islam in Kashmir, majority of Kashmiri people are today practicing Muslims and are following the very footsteps of these saints.

Alama Hami said training gun at these saints and holding unnecessary debates where in role and contributions of saints are questioned doesn’t make any sense at a time when people are caught in a vicious circle of oppression and atrocities being inflicted on them.
Alama Hami said that it is high time to forge unity among the Kashmir’s clergy and Islamic scholars in the larger interests of Kashmir which is bleeding since past many decades.
Alama Hami said that it is the utmost responsibility of heads of various sects in Kashmir to ensure unity as Kashmir’s Islamic history is like an open book where there is no room for confusion or spreading any hate campaign. He said some vested interests are hell bent to break the unity among various Islamic organizations in Kashmir as this suits their petty interests.
Alama Hami said that there are major issues which need to be addressed jointly like growing drug abuse and liquor consumption among youth which needs to be stopped forthwith with joint efforts of Kashmiri Ulema. He also urged the Ulema to step in for a joint cause to defeating the forces working to trigger sectarian divide in Kashmir by spearheading a hate campaign.