Anjuman-e-Sharia Shian organised first ever Interfaith dialogue in Kashmir, Intelligentsia stressed for Religious Harmony

wilayattimes (Jammu and Kashmir)

Srinagar | WTNS | June 16:Jammu and Kashmir Anjuman-e-Sharie Shian organised day long 1st interfaith dialogue ever held in Kashmir under the theme “Mitigating horizontal tensions through is the need of the hour”.

Cluster of intellectuals participated in the session which includes Grand Mufti J&K Mufti Nasir ul Islam, Syed Shamas Rehman, General Secretary Muthid Majlis Ulema, Advocate Zahid Ali, Moulana Kurshid Ahmed Kanoongo, Chairman Himayat ul Islam, Shafat Ahmed Farooqi, Representative of Jamiat Ahldees J&K, Satpal Singh,President Gurdwara Prabhandhak Commitee, Avtar Krishan General Secretary Hindu Samaj Committee, Jammu &Kashmir Anjuman Sharie Shian’s Aga Syed Mujtaba Abbas, Aga, Aga Syed Ahmed Mosavi, Principal of Houzeh Ilmia jamia Babul Ilem Oriental Collage of Learning  Aga Syed Hussain and its faculty which include Aga Syed Abid Hussain Hussaini, Aga Syed Yousuf and Aga Syed Aqeel and the Session was organised by Anjuman’s Interfaith chapter Advocate Aga Syed Muntazir Mehdi and Ghulam Mohammad Nagoo at Houzeh Ilmia jamia Babul Ilem Oriental Collage of Learning Mirgund Budgam Kashmir.

As per the reports of Wilayat Times, While reading the message of President J&K Anjuman Sharie Shian Aga Syed Hassan Mosavi Al-Safavi (who is under continuous house arrest since Aug 4th 2019) Anjuman Sharie Shian’s Aga Syed Mujtaba Abbas quoting Aga Hassan said “I believe that the essence of belief in God and service to the people of God can be found in all Divine  religions”. Young Aga read the message.

The get together of intellectuals means the united approach to cement the tenets of Islamic talismanic era.

This Conference, teaches us how to sit together for a dialogue according to the tenets of the Holy Quran and the way of life and conduct of the Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) to make a safe and sound world free from “sectarianism, extremism , war and bloodshed”. Interfaith dialogue is essential to avoid fanaticism which leads to confusion.

The selfish evil forces with vested interest promote fanaticism to divide and to create communal disharmony to fulfill their selfish desires.

However,  Interfaith dialogue provides space for people of different religions with different school of thoughts  to come together and discuss about their religions, clarify the doubts and promote inter-religious understanding and creates inter-religious relations, which avoids frictions between religious and religious communities”.

In joint resolution it was passed that Since Kashmir is a multi cultural and multi religious society dialogue is very essential for the unity and well being of the Mouj Kashmir.

Plurality is a basic and fundamental fact of the Kashmir society and everyone has to understand this pluralistic nature of Kashmir society. Every religion also has to be pluralistic in its own perspective and promote this pluralism among its adherents. Inter-faith dialogue has to contribute towards communal harmony and the welfare of the humanity.

The conference is the provokes the gigantic steps to thwarts and sabotage the plots of those who didn’t want to see religious harmony stable in Kashmir,  the cowardly inhuman acts of torching devotional rendezvous was highly condemned.

The Joint resolutions unanimously condemned the recent attacks on various religious places in Srinagar which includes Masjid Ali and Tomb in Botta Kadal, Mandir in Downtown, mausoleum in chattabal where Scriptures of Holy Quran written by the Imam Musa Kazim (A.S) is housed and urged  for unity among communities to thwart evil designs of vested interest and called for more such Interfaith dialogue across Kashmir to bridge the gaps and let the flower of Kashmir’s brotherhood, amity, affinity bloom.