Annual Karbala Conference held in Srinagar, Scholars call for brotherhood and awakening

wilayattimes (Jammu and Kashmir)

Srinagar: City Reporter: Day long Annual Karbala conference held at Srinagar in which scholars of different schools of thoughts said that work must be done to strengthen the Muslim Communities.

Reports of Wilayat Times says that a day long Karbala conference in respect of Martyrdom anniversary of Imam Zain-ul-Aabideen (A.S) was organized by Muthari Saqafati Markaz Kashmir at Imam Bara Hamampora Khomeini Chowk Bemina of Srinagar which was attended by large number of participants.

While speaking over the conference Hojatul Islam Wal Muslimeen Moulana Syed Mohammad Rizvi recalled the sacrifices of Imam Hussain (AS), saying that Imam sacrificed his life for the great cause, not for division. He further said that Imam Hussain (A.S) stood for the reformation and guidance of Muslim nations.

In his revolutionary speech Hojatul Islam Wal Muslimeen Moulana Zaheer Abbas Jafari said that Imam Hussain (A.S) stood for the survivorship of humanity and justice. He further said that foundation of Islamic revolution based upon the teachings of Ashura movement supporting oppressed nations and fighting against oppressors forces.

Speaking over the conference Hojatul Islam Wal Muslimeen Moulana Shabir Ahmad Sofi said that Muslims should pay attention to their responsibilities for the betterment of Islam and Ummah. Movement of Ashura is an awakening call for the oppressed nations and killings of innocents in Yemen, Syria, Bahrain and Iraq carried by takfiri groups defaming image of Islam and Muslims.

Scholars had to work to make the Muslim communities strong; Sunni Cleric Moulana Khursheed Kanoongoo

Prominent Sunni Cleric and Member of Muthahida Majlis Ulema (MMU) Moulana Khursheed Kanoongo threw light on the greatness and excellence of Holy Prophet and his Pure Progeny (SAWW) in the context of Quran and Hadiths. He stressed for proximity and tolerance among Muslim sects and promotion of teachings of Quran and Ahlebeyat (A.S). Moulana Khursheed Kanoongoo said the scholars had to work to make the Muslim communities strong.

In the closing declaration, Hojatul Islam Wal Muslimeen Moulana Ghulam Hussain Matoo said that Shias funded by MI6 are working against the behest of Islam and Muslims. They are employed to create rifts and discord among Muslims sects. In present times the real symbol of Ashura is Islamic Revolution and real representative of Hussaini movement is Wali Amr Muslimeen Ayatollah Imam Syed Ali Khamenei, whose aim is to see Muslims united and awakened.

By raising the flag of Unity under the leadership of Imam Syed Ali Khamenei, Muslim Ummah can regain its lost glory;Sheikh Ghulam Hussain Matoo added

Others who attended conference were Moulana Jaan Sahib, Moulana Manzoor and Moulana Zahoor etc.

Meanwhile another separate conference for females under the title of “Mission of Zainab” was also organized by the said organization at Imam Bargah Garipora Bemina and also an exam session for the book “Secrets of Tears” was attended by large number of participants.