Asia’s largest tulip garden open for tourists in Srinagar Kashmir

wilayattimes (Jammu and Kashmir)

Srinagar: Asia’s largest Tulip Garden was thrown open for visitors on Sunday. Located at the foot of Zabarwan hills, the garden is flanked by the manicured, lush green golf course in the north and the pristine Dal Lake at its entrance on the west.Spread over 360 kanals of picturesque land, the Tulip Garden is surrounded by the Mughal-era Chashm-e-Shahi garden and Pari Mahal observatory.This year, the Floriculture Department has planted about 50 varieties of Tulips on 200 kanals of land at the garden.
“There are 50 varieties and 1.25 million tulips. The garden has a total of 600 kanals of land with tulips as a major crop growing on 200 kanals,” said Mathora Masoom, Director Floriculture.
She said that tourist footfall is expected to increase this year.Minister for Floriculture Javed Mustafa Mir, along with Minister for Tourism Tasaduq Hussain Mufti, formally declared the Tulip Garden open for visitors today.People in thousands thronged the garden to enjoy the beauty of blooming tulips on the sprawling lawns of the garden. On the occasion, the Floriculture Minister said, “All visitors are our guests and their place is in our hearts.” He also said that the Tourism Department is taking concerted efforts to promote the state as a major tourism destination and to attract domestic as well as foreign tourists.
The minister was informed that the extension of the Tulip Garden has been undertaken by way of growing other plants like Margaritas, Candela, Kung Fuile de Franceand, and other ornamental plants. In this season, 40,000 Hyacinth tulip bulbs have been planted on a separate terrace and further fresh plantation is in full swing.
As an added facility for visitors, the department has decided to provide free Wi-Fi services inside the garden premises.
Gardeners use many techniques to develop a beautiful tulip garden. They have locally developed a technique with the help of experts to naturally clone the plant.
“We identify a certain part of a branch of the plant and wrap a metal wire tightly around it. Then we cover it with a small bag that is full of soil,” explained a group of gardeners. “After some time, roots sprout from the area covered with the wire. That portion is taken out and planted and it is taken care. After some time, a new plant begins to grow.”
More than 12 lakh tulips in various hues sown in the garden and This garden only stays open for three to four weeks,” the gardeners added