Assailants fatally shoot 2 school teachers in Kashmir, sums up 6 killings in just a week, the killings of innocent civilians widely condemned.

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Srinagar | WTNS | Agha Syed Amin | October 10: My father may have died but his spirit would always live on. “My father was a fighter, always said ‘I’ll die with my shoes on’

“You can kill one person, but you can’t kill the spirit of Makhan Lal. Whoever shot dead my father, come in front of me. My father gave me education, while politicians gave you guns and stones. You want to fight with guns and stones? That is cowardice. All politicians are using you, come and fight with education,”

Shraddha Bindroo daughter of Makhan Lal Bindroo who was shot dead

  • A Muslim daughter has lost her Sikh godmother “ the young daughter is yet to be much mature to differentiate between male and female Sikh or Muslim.
  • Who purpled his hands with the blood of a pandit teacher, whose blood was of the same colour like other, his blood was warm with the obligations of serving the nation with better education.
  • The poor goolgapay wala even didn’t reach his home his family couldn’t see him at the end of his life’s journey , he sold goolgapay with his life too to those who found his goolgapay may turn venomous.
  • Papa jaldi aana , may be still read on the back side of his truck, his daughter will be waiting for him with many dreams in their eyes , but the truck driver will never return he lost, he was killed.

Police men arrive at a government school where two teachers were shot dead by assailants in the outskirts of Srinagar, Kashmir, Thursday, Oct. 7, 2021. Authorities blamed militants fighting against Indian rule for the attack. Thursday’s incident marks the seventh targeted killings in just six days.

Authorities blame militants fighting against the Indian rule for the frequent attacks.

 Jammu and Kashmir’s Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha said that the administration led by him and the security forces will soon avenge the civilian killings taking place in Srinagar and that the “killers won’t be spared.”

“I express my heartfelt condolence to the bereaved families who lost their dear ones in the militant attacks. Even women too aren’t being spared,”

He said that the administration led by him and the security forces will soon avenge the civilian killings that took place in Srinagar or elsewhere. “We will not spare the killers. They will be made accountable for the tears shed by the relatives of innocents killed by them,” he said.

The LG said urged people of Kashmir to keep intact the age-old communal fabric and to further strengthen the bond between all communities

Former chief minister of erstwhile J&K State and the National Conference vice president Omar Abdullah made a fervent appeal to members of minority communities and urged them “don’t allow repeat of early 90’s and not to leave their homes.”

“I can understand the pain and fear the families of slain are going through and also the members of minority communities. I believe these attacks are aimed to drive a wedge between the communities and to push them out of Kashmir. We can’t let that happen,” Omar told reporters after visiting slain school principal Supinder Kour’s Aloochibagh residence here.

Omar said the attackers are perhaps trying to ensure another exodus. “I appeal to the members of the minority community don’t allow a repeat of the early 90’s and not to leave your homes out of fear,” he said, adding that he and his party will continue to press for security to be granted to protect minorities in the Valley.

Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) chief Mehbooba Mufti took a jibe at BJP government stating that it was the government at the Centre and their wrong policies adopted in Jammu and Kashmir post August 5, 2019, that are directly responsible for the fast deteriorating situation in Kashmir.

“BJP government and its wrong policies adopted since August 5, 2019 and before that as well, are directly responsible for the fast worsening situation in Kashmir,” Mehbooba told reporters outside slain school principal Supinder Kour’s Aloochibagh residence in Srinagar.

The PDP chief while condemning the killing of Kour also denounced the killing of a civilian at Anantnag stating that “it’s an irony that it was stated by the government the slain youth was trying to attack forces.”

Congress demanded a judicial inquiry into the recent civilians and asked the Government of India (GoI) to shoulder the responsibility for the deteriorating situation in Jammu and Kashmir.

J&K Congress in—charge Rajni Patel, along with party president G A Mir Friday visited ML Bindroos residence at Indra Nagar in Srinagar.

Asking Kashmiri Muslims to stand up in condemning the recent Civilian  killings of Non Muslims,” former Deputy Chief Minster and Parliamentarian Muzaffer Hussain Beigh said that there appears to be a “foul design” to scare -away the minorities in Kashmir. 

In a statement issued here Mr. Baigh  said, “This week has witnessed the most foul crimes in recent history of Kashmir. The victims were Kashmiri Hindus & Sikhs and obviously Kashmiri Muslims were suspected.

” There appears to be a foul design to scare away the few Kashmiri Hindus who have had the moral and patriotic courage to stay back in their motherland,” he said.

The former Lok Sabha member further added,  “Now even the sikh community known for its valoure and courage, have been targeted. The onus to try to repair the damage obviously falls on the shoulders of Kashmiri Muslims. The Prophet of Islam had spread message of peace and good-will. It is the moral duty of Muslims to remember that and uphold that fact through their deeds and not mere words.” Hoping that Kashmiri

Jagmohan Raina Chairman All Parties Sikh Coordination Committee J&K In his statement to this newspapers said  “ The scared bond of our brotherhood in Kashmir is the glaring example of Muslim majority who have always lived us  as the flesh and nail .  This time Kashmir is going through the critical situations but the people of majority sect should reaffirm the age bond relationship of our brotherhood.

Kashmir is the only place in the world  where  you can see  the diverse examples of Hindu Muslim togetherness during Amaranth Yatra Muslims help their Hindu brethren to undertake the annual pilgrimage in the Snow-capped mountains , you can see that Muslims handling the ropes of horses of the Hindu riders during the course of pilgrimage.

“Minority targeting is an attempt to discord ancestral brotherhood , Kashmir Muslim majority should come forward to  sabotage the plots of enemies who didn’t what to see the future of  in Kashmir.

This can be the handiwork of agencies as well as terrorists , agencies use this incident to divert the attention of the people of the country spark.

Forecasting that minority killings may take un ugliest turn if things won’t get normal Raina continued

“Despite the fact that we are the minorities here in Kashmir but that is not our end , the ruthlessness against us can result in the simmering situations in the other parts of the country, Sikhs have the gallantry courage to face any sort of challenges   the evidence of our courage can be seen in such places where the Sikh farmers are still fighting for their rights , so the people and the government both should bear such things into their mind “ he concluded.

Jammu and Kashmir Anjuman Sharie Shian President Aga Syed Hassan Moosvi Al-Safvi expressed shock and grief and strongly condemned the innocent  killings which includes M.L.Bindroo , School Principal , a street vendor , a teacher and a local, these people have served the Kashmiris always,

Agha Syed extended his extended heartfelt condolences and sympathies with the bereaved families, Agha said  that “ the rise in killings of Kashmiris in J&K is a grim reminder of the need to resolve the Kashmir conflict urgently and prevent the region from getting consumed by it. The fast-changing geopolitical reality of the region also points to the need for urgent conflict resolution,”

“Lingering Kashmir conflict, which is the root cause of all this suffering’. Aga Hassan concluded Aga Hassan extends his heartfelt condolences and sympathies with the bereaved family of Mr Bindroo and others who have been pushed to perpetual grief at the loss of their dear ones.

Aga Hassan said that the rise in killings of Kashmiris in J&K is a grim reminder of the need to resolve the Kashmir conflict urgently and prevent the region from getting consumed by it. The fast-changing geopolitical reality of the region also points to the need for urgent conflict resolution,”

“Lingering Kashmir conflict, which is the root cause of all this suffering’. Aga Hassan concluded.

Peoples Conference chairman Sajad Lone said the targeted killings in Kashmir are handiwork of lunatic, fringe elements. He said while these are highly condemnable acts these also were planned acts which government failed to anticipate. Lone asked government to come down from “high horse” and hold dialogue with security experts especially with police officials.Peoples Conference general secretary, Imran Raza Ansari on Tuesday condemned the killings of the  civilians in different separate militant attacks in the Kashmir valley

In his  statement,  Ansari said the killings of three civilians is totally barbaric and highly condemnable.

“As our religion states one who kills an innocent person it is as if he has killed all the human kind. Such attacks on civilians are barbaric and must be condemned,” he said.

Hurriyat Conference extends its heartfelt condolences and sympathies with the bereaved families  who have been pushed to perpetual grief at the loss of their dear one,” it added.

The owner of Bindroo Medicare, was shot at by the assailants from point-blank range while he was at his pharmacy, a police official said, adding he was rushed to a hospital where he was declared dead.

Barely a few minutes after the killing of Bindroo, militants gunned down a roadside vendor identified as Virendra Paswan, a resident of Bhagalpur in Bihar, who used to earn his livelihood by selling ‘golgappa’ and ‘bhelpuri’.

Almost simultaneously, militants shot dead Mohammad Shafi Lone at Naidkhai in Bandipora district of north Kashmir.

Dilbag Singh, the JK`s police director-general, said officers began an investigation into the killings and were working on “some clues and leads about the killers in previous cases.” He said the assailants would be arrested soon.

The killings were widely condemned by pro-India as well as anti-India politicians.

Kashmir has remained on edge after New Delhi in 2019 stripped the region’s semi-autonomy, scrapped its statehood and removed inherited protections on land and jobs. Authorities have since brought a slew of new laws, which critics and many Kashmiris fear could change the region’s demographics.

Kashmiri Seminary and Young Islamic Scholar Waseem Reza termed these killings as barbaric and inhuman act which needs an immediate response at all levels. In his statement he said that “ Killing innocent in Kashmir is nothing new to learn but the killings of those who have served the valley with their utmost dedication is the stigma on the face of secularism”

The term unknown gunmen has from decades remained the mystery under the top brass of security and intelligence agencies working in Kashmir this simply poses a question on the flawed system of administration in the valley.

Kashmiri brotherhood is the paragon of our devotions , and it can’t be succumbed by fabricated plots.

Kashmiryat is beyond the politics and religion insurgencies , we have been living in the valley which dates back the upheaval times . Enemies of peace are constantly trying to harm our communal harmony. This is the high time for all of us to remain in unity so that to foil the varieties of plots against our sacred bond of brotherhood” he said .

National spokesperson of Lok Jan Shakti Party ( LJP)  and Kashmiri Pandit Sanjay Saraf urged the community to remain United time demands to preserve our communal harmony. No religion teaches us to kill the innocents , worshiping in mosques, gurdwaras and all other worshiping place will not prove that we are humans apart from it all we need to understand what actually kashmiryat meant    

“ People living in minorities should at this point of time  remin alert against the barbaric incidents which are going on ,

What was the crime of Makhan Lal Bindroo , only this he served the people of Kashmir with all his dedications . He “ Makhan Lal Bindroo” considerd his work as his worship he proved true to the salt of this soil.

The prophet Muhammad” PBUH” taught us that we should live for the sake of humanity , the Qur’an and prophets have said  that “ to kill an innocent is to kill the whole humanity” so who cares all about these things.

Our Sikh Sister was chiselling and moulding the future of the next generation was this her crime , our pandit brother was a teacher was he killed for this reason that he was removing the children from darkness to light to give them their dignified future .

In this blood bath a Muslim daughter has  lost her Sikh godmother , now how can I teach her daughter the lessons of humanity , whose religion was this to snatch a daughter her mother”

“We are ashamed after being living in togetherness to see what we are doing to each other, we have different textures of eyes but the tears are same , we have different sorts of gallows but the pain is same .