Assassination of Qasem Solemani `barbarism`:Malaysia

wilayattimes (Malaysia)

Kaula Lampur:Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid, President Malaysian Consultative Council of Islamic Organization (MAPIM) in a statement vehemently deplored US act to assassinate Iranian Commander Lieutenant General Qasem Soleimani.

“Gen Qassem Soleimani, assassinated by the US in an airstrike, shows the world that US a rogue nation of the worst kind,” the statement reads.

“It is barbarism of the US that authorizes itself as a nation with license to kill,” it added.

“This uncivilized barbaric policy which acted above the law is embedded in its security policy that has made it to become a nation that self-mandate itself to execute anybody it wants.”

“US has for so long carried out extrajudicial murders with impunity and the world is unable to do anything,” Abdul Hamid said.

“Targeting an individual and launching an assassination in such manner is a crime that cannot be left unpunished, he noted.

“The US targeted strike in the way it was executed is extreme and it cannot be interpreted other than as a declaration of war.”

“It cannot be condoned and any reciprocal action will be a natural outcome.”

“We strongly condemn the US overt action and no reason can possibly be accepted.”

The region now is already “on edge” of open war since the US strike on PMF forces near Iraq’s border with Syria.

“The world must not keep silent, he said adding “The UN cannot but condemn the action of the US. An emergency sitting must immediately be called.”

“This is a major a precarious situation that may erupt into full fledge military confrontation.”

“America is now a murderous nation by all account. Worst it works with no congressional authorization, to launch a war on any country.”