Ayatollah Khamenei promulgates Iran’s ‘Family’ policies

On the strength of Article 110 of the Constitution

wilayattimes (Iran)

The full text of the Family general policies, which have been served to the heads of three branches of government as well as the chairman of the Expediency Council, is as follows:

In the Name of Allah, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful

General Policies on Family

Family is a fundamental unit and the cornerstone of Islamic society and the center of growth and exaltation of mankind, the supporting base for health and exuberance as well as authority and spiritual adulation of the country and the establishment. The Islamic establishment shall be oriented towards:

• Establishing a family-based society and upgrading and strengthening family and its main functions based on the Islamic model of family as the center for growth and Islamic training of children and a tranquilizing place
• Giving a pivotal standing to family in rules and regulations, plans, executive policies and all educational, cultural, social and economic regimes particularly housing and urban development
• Highlighting functions for family-mosque ties for preserving and improving Islamic and national identity and safeguarding family and society
• Launching an all-inclusive national movement for promoting and facilitating successful and easy marriage for all girls and boys and people at the appropriate age of marriage and formation of family and negation of celibacy in the society by drawing up executive policies and incentive and supportive rules and regulations and culture building as well as valuating the formation of exalted family based on the divine tradition
• Strengthening family and bolstering its social assets based on satisfaction and fairness, service and respect and friendship and compassion with the focus on:
• Integrated application of education, training and media potentialities in the country for strengthening the foundation of family and family relationships
• Building culture and upgrading moral interactions
– Effective confrontation with the enemies’ soft war aimed at the collapse and deviation of family relationships, and removal of obstacles and traumas as well as challenges to family strength
– banning the spread of programs harming family values
– Creating an opportunity for helpful and effective presence of family members alongside each other and effective use of family in leisure time through reunions
• Presenting and sketching out an Islamic model for family and upgrading and spreading the Islamic-Iranian lifestyle through:
• Promoting exalted values and favorable traditions pertaining to marriage and family
• Highlighting moral values and removing their unfavorable ornaments
• Combating aristocracy, luxury and manifestations of the Western culture
• Correcting the conduct of reference groups and highlighting their favorable conducts and preventing the formation of tainted reference groups
• Revising, reforming and completing the legal system and the judicial procedures pertaining to family in compliance with new needs and exigencies and a settlement of disputes in preliminary stages through arbitration and providing justice and security in all stages of litigation, proceedings and execution of rulings on family disputes with the objective of stabilizing and strengthening family
• Creating a healthy atmosphere and respecting Islamic [restrictions] relationship between men and women in the society
• Improving livelihood and economic conditions of families through empowering them to reduce their future anxieties regarding employment, marriage and housing
• Systemizing counseling and education before, during and after the formation of family and facilitating access to them based on Islamic-Iranian principles for the purpose of fostering family foundations
• Strengthening and encouraging family for attracting family contribution to the materialization of objectives and plans of the country in all cultural, economic, political and defense arenas
• Supporting the honor and dignity of women’s role as spouses mothers and housewives and men’s role as fathers and breadwinners, educative and spiritual responsibility of men and women and the empowerment of family members in assuming responsibility, family interactions and fulfillment of its obligations and tasks
• Preventing social vices and family destabilizing factors, particularly the issue of divorce and compensation for vices resulting from it through continuous identification of causes of divorce and collapse of family and promoting the culture of hideousness of divorce
• Legal, economic and cultural support for families whose breadwinners are women and encouraging and facilitating their marriage
• Adopting appropriate supportive and incentive methods for honoring the senior members of families and improved physical and mental and affective care for them
• Working out necessary mechanisms for improving the overall health of families particularly fertility health and birthrate growth in order to build a young, healthy, dynamic and growing society