Ayatollah Khamenei:Why is world silent towards massacre of Muslims in Myanmar, Kashmir and Palestine?

wilayattimes (ٰIran)

Tehran:The matter of oppression in the modern world is truly an unprecedented issue. Today, the superpowers dominate the world, using their pervasive propaganda apparatus and facilities to disguise falsehood as truth and truth as falsehood. These powers do not value human life and divine values one single bit, and they pay no attention to the concerns of humanity. Who would stand against them and dare express this truth? Witness what they do in the world today and how many nations, particularly Muslim nations, are subjected to tyranny. Meanwhile, these men claim to advocate for human rights, have they no shame?
This describes the situation for the people of Palestine, under the pressure of the usurper Zionist regime, to the extent that they cannot live peacefully in their own homes, nor do they have the freedom to roam. This describes the situation for the people of Lebanon and the situation for Muslims in Kashmir. This depicts the situation for the helpless and destitute Muslims of Myanmar… Our representatives visited there and came back with such heartbreaking news that one could lose sleep after hearing it! Much of the world is carefree, today, towards human rights—in all fairness! Has anyone in the world raised a voice of concern? A handful of militants expelled tens of thousands of Myanmar’s Muslims, using brutal tactics, from their own homes. They murdered their children, women, men, and looted their properties. Those who could only hope to survive simply ran away. Meanwhile, there is silence over the globe. The UN does not utter a word, human rights committees are hushed, and the Red Cross feels no responsibility. These farcical conferences and organizations advocating for human rights, defending peace, and so on and so forth: they have nothing to say as if these victims are not human!

Ultimately, the silence reveals the world’s enmity towards Islam, Islamic concepts and values. Their behavior reveals how uncommitted and negligent they are regarding humans. What they describe as human rights, and related terms, are merely political gimmicks used to knock someone down somewhere and overestimate another, to weaken a government and to remove a populace from the picture.

Unfortunately, these words never reach the public debate platform in Europe or the US, so that the Western people can understand what their rulers are doing around the world. Our people know these facts; they know that superpowers are liars when it comes to defending human rights. Those naive people who trust their claims [claims of the superpowers] must heed these words: If their rulers were truly in favor of human rights, they would protest against the murder of our dear martyr, the late Sayyid Abbas Mousavi, whom along with his wife and child were martyred by Israeli rockets in Lebanon, but they did not protest!Some even proved so shameless that they endorsed this attack! They did not condemn the Israeli invasion of Lebanon or the Israeli invasion of Muslims who rightfully own Palestine; they do not mention Kashmir issues; they completely censor issues concerning Muslims of Myanmar. Why? What crime have these poor people committed? Their only crime is that they are Muslims. Superpowers are enemies of Islam and fear Islam.March 04, 1992

Currently, you see that in the East Asian country of Myanmar, thousands of Muslims are being killed because of prejudice and ignorance – assuming that the claims are true and that these killings are due to prejudice and ignorance, and not because of political matters – but those who falsely claim to support human rights keep silent. The same people who sympathize with animals, the same people who magnify every problem that exists in countries which are not dependent on them, have been silent while innocent and defenceless men, women and children are being killed. They also make attempts at justification. This is how they support human rights, the kind of human rights which are independent from morality, spirituality and God. They say the people who are being killed are not the people of Myanmar. Let us assume that they are not the people of Myanmar – which is a lie and according to the reports I have received, they have been living in Myanmar for three, four hundred years. So what? Should they be killed because they are not the people of Myanmar? For many years, westerners – particularly, England – did the same things to the people of that country and the neighbor countries. They imposed as much suffering on the people as they could. Wherever they went, they did nothing but create corruption and cause destruction. “His aim everywhere is to spread mischief through the earth and destroy crops and cattle.” [The Holy Quran, 2: 205] Yes, they introduced new products to the people in order to find new markets for their products, in order to boost their trade. Their civilization is isolated from spirituality and the Holy Quran . Jul 21, 2012