Bharat Mata

wilayattimes (Jammu and Kashmir)

During Struggle For Freedom In Germany & France The Political Scientists In These Countries Make Allegory Of Liberty As a Figure Of Female Which Were Placed In Public Squares As a Sense Of Unity And For The Processes Of Unification Of These Countries. The Allegory Of Germany Was Called “Germania” She Was Wearing a Crown Of Oak Leaves as The German Oak Stands For Heroism And The Female Allegory Of France Was Called “Marianne” She Was Wearing Red Cap Tri Colour And Cokade

The Political Scientists Of India Especially R.N Tagore Designed Female Allegory Of Mother India As “Bharat Mata”  The Artists Has Been  Shown Bharat Mata In Diffent Ways R.N Tagore Painted It as a Calm,Composed Divine And Spiritual Figure ,But In Another Figure It Was Shown With a Lion And Elephant

In Germany And Franch .The Allegories Helped In Unification Process In Germay and France ,But In India It also Helped In  Unification Somewhat But It Played An Indirect Role In Spreading Communalism In Pre-Independence  & And Take a  Shape Of Hindu Custom And Divine Among Hindus

Now These Days The India Is Moving Towards Past Especially Indian  Media Is Harrasing Muslim Ulemas By Asking Strange Questions  As Muslims Don’t Chant Bharat Mata Ki Jai . History Is Witness That Muslims Played Important Role In Freedom Struggle Thousands Of Muslim Ulemas Were Killed By Britishers During Freedom Now,And Now Muslims Of India Are Said That They Are Anti-Nation. Muslims Have Dispute With This Slogan Bcoz It Take As a Religous Part And Idol Shape Among Hindus

We Welcome The Fatwa Issued From Darul Uloom Deoband That Chanting  This Slogan Is Unislamic And  Against Tauheed as Muslims Can’t Bow Down Execpt Allah

It Was Mentioned In This Fatwa That “We Love Our  Motherland (Madare Waten) But We Can’t Worship It”

I Believe That This Step Is Not Enough For Muslims In India

All  Muslims Oranizations Of India Should Be Unite To Look Into The Matter Very Seriously  That Muslims Are Facing In India From Past  Few Months

Presently The  Population Of Muslims Is About 1 Arab 40 Crore And More Than 57 Countries Having Muslim Majaority Why We Can’t Be United To Fight Against Oppression & Oppressor ?

Why We Can’t Be United To Fight Against Isreal? Why We Cant Be Unite To Free Baitul Muqadas Gaza & Other Disputed Terretories.

(Author hails from Sofipora Pahalgam Kashmir is an engineering student)