Blasphemous against Holy Prophet (Pbuh) unacceptable and intolerable:Waseem Reza Kashmiri called for stern action

wilayattimes (Jammu and Kashmir)

Srinagar| WTNS | August 17: While strongly condemning the derogatory video statements of members of Sentinel Bharat Raksha Manch Reasi against Holy The Prophet of Islam (Pbuh), Kashmiri Islamic Seminary Scholar Waseem Reza Kashmiri said that “nothing is more important than the respect of beloved Prophet (Pbuh) & Muslim Ummah will not tolerate such kind of words which hurts our religious sentiments. He has appealed people of Jammu and Kashmir to maintain peace and communal harmony at all levels.

Jammu and Kashmir based noted Islamic Seminary Scholar at Al Mustafa (PBUH) International university of Howza Elmia Qom Iran and Socio-Political Activist   In a statement from Qom Iran,  Waseem Raza has said that using such blasphemous remarks in surfacing derogatory videos on Social media websites to defame the Muslim dogma to hurt their sentiments is at any cost unacceptable and intolerable which is highly condemnable .

The last Prophet (S) has been respected by everyone irrespective of religious beliefs as the messenger of Allah.

The Seminarian said “members of Sentinel Bharat Raksha Manch Reasi, Jammu in which he  disrespected & used abusive language against the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad(Pbuh) has hurt religious sentiments of a Muslim community and such actions will not be tolerated at any cost. Muslims highly respect the Holy Prophet (Pbuh) and the name Muhammad is sacred in the religion of Islam because Prophethood is the base of our faith. He said Allah, the Almighty, sent the seal of Prophets (Pbuh) as the mercy and benevolence for the mankind.

The Kashmiri based prominent seminarian Scholar demanded the stern punishment against those who are involved in this heinous anti- social act and he appealed people of Jammu and Kashmir to maintain peace and religious harmony. He urged administration and DG Police to take strict actions against those who are involved in this incident. He said that the self styled Guru is defaming the Hindu religion and disrupting the peace, people of Jammu and Kashmir ,whether Muslims or non Muslims live peacefully and famous for their centuries old religious harmony.

Waseem Reza Kashmiri further said that Journalism is the profession to serve nation and humanity but unfortunately nowadays being used as a tool to divide and insult each other and we shouldn’t allow such people to speak who disrespects the sacred figures of any religion.