Budgam girl Uzma Zehra wins her crackerjack, Qualifies NEET without joining any private coaching centre

wilayattimes (Jammu and Kashmir)

Srinagar | WTNS | Syed-Ul-Nisa Moosvi | Jan 31: Dwelling in the sheer penury , her father a labourer Uzma Zehra has became the household name of determination. People from all walks are greetings her ,as she has set a glaring example of cracking a hard nut in her maiden attempt that too without any coaching .

Pertinent to mention here that Uzma Zehra used her handset mobile phone for rigorously study of six hours a day and kept her the candles of courage on lit.

“ Initially I was not knowing what actually NEET stands for as I was an alien to the subject, later when I witness many students of my area are making merry-around with their success , it encouraged me a lot thus I decided to embark on the journey” said Uzma Zehra .

“She is very dedicated student I found a spark in her eyes when she came up with flying colours in her 10th my short comings I could afford for an opulent coaching Institute which cold further chisel her intellectual prowess but despite tremendous hardships she managed to give her best and made our heads to held high”. Said her father Fida Hussain.

Hailing from watta Magam a village which lies in central Kashmir’s Budgam district has an ancestral inheritance of triumphalism.

Uzma Zehra has became an inspiration for the scores of aspirants , her gusty confidence That she wants to study

Neurology or oncology and wishes to become a stalwart specialist , she has became a cynosure for fighting against her poverty and pressure cooker situations .

“I firmly confess that one should yearn for purposefulness and should follow the study schedule with the utmost pleasure to achieve what actually one has dreamed for , and there is the divine attribute for the one who has inscribed on his heart the goals and follows them straightforwardly. Study is jewel one should not make it rustic means one should study in tranquillity and should not make the study’s pristineness a stuff of monotonous. “ Uzma Zehra suggests the lucid schedule of study.

“Since, my childhood, I was clear that I will become a doctor like my senior fellows as I have grown seeing my father struggling from dawn to dusk to make the ends meet and my prolong yearnings to work for the needy people. Though it was not an easy task to clear NEET, a proper schedule of studies and planning helped me clear this exam. We saw how dedicatedly our doctors worked hand in glove during the COVID crisis. I was determined.” Uzma Zehra contained as she has seen how poor people struggled to get treatment.

“Cyberspace these days has became the buzz words and every one is abuzz with the handset mobile phone , there is no deny in the fact that most of the youth are excellently busy in using such gadgets for airy-fairy purposes which witness gibberish stuffs and Mephistophelian outcomes however, Uzma Zehra has altered it at all , she used her gifted handset mobile for her studies , and she has encouraged others as well to use such gadgets for the promising tomorrow as everything required for studies can be easily achieved through it” Said a neighbour who was seen at the heights of jubilations”

I heard about my success on the pious day which was the birth anniversary of the lady of Heaven the beloved daughter of our last Prophet SAWW Hazrat Fatima Zehra S.A and this is everything for me to learn that Allah wants more from me to be the truer and finer servant for humanity which will be my sublime tribute to role model Hazrat Fatima “S.A” Uzma concluded with the optative wishes.