By Dabirah Hassan:Marriage-The Sacred Bond

wilayattimes (Jammu and Kashmir)

Married life is the life blessed with tranquility shields you from psychological scourges suppose depression, anxiety , decomposers and much more.

By Dabirah Hassan:

“And perform marriage of those among you who have not been married and of your suitable servants and handmaids. If they are poor, Allah will enrich them out of His Bounty. And Allah is Ample Knowing.”

(Surah An-Nur- Ayat 32)

Marriage is the sacred union between a man and a woman.

Prophet Mohammad (Pbuh) said: “There is no foundation that has been built in Islam more loved by Allah than marriage.” It is the most loving foundation upon which a man and woman can built their life; is ‘Mustahab’ but in a special circumstances it could have other rules. For example, it is obligatory for the one who may commit sins: Of greater weight — that occur because of one’s gender. Certainly, it is among highly recommend deeds.

By marriage, man and woman achieves oneness within or in the typical lexicon term we say “Mahram” to fulfil the intimate partnership.

Contrary to all this we’ve spun the stubborn and rigged customs which other words dragged our society to the catastrophic stature and turn it into sheer miseries, where we are the witness the scores of women folk has crossed the marriageable age thus left mollycoddled at home.

With the passing of every single day , the weddings are becoming hard-ritualized it seemingly appears that without such rowing customs our marriage are zilch. We think it to be adorned and besieged by lust and lavish stuffs and due to which incalculable hands are starving to be hennaed

Many other reasons are there which blocked the ways of marriages for instances , suitor questing based on varieties of conditions , must be a caste matchmaker , opulent in wealth , ultra-pretty, or manhood styles of now rowdy-Showdy featured.

Marriage is actually the union of true minds, love mingling, sense of sensibility, when pain is meant for pain , love for love, standing in wholeness to thwart obstinate obstacles , when sorrows are shared, when joys go in merriments , when the two bodies are living on same pulse .

Spouses don’t see their hearts, morals and characters instead they look for wealth and beauty. Only their names are known to each other their souls are devoid. They only talk, feelings remain unrevealed, they fight with hatred, love lose its place.

This ruins the life drenches down incurably with nexus of perils , remaining at cross-roads due to contradicts in thinking which results in hatred.

Prophet Mohammad (Pbuh) says:“When someone with whose morality and religion you are pleased comes to you (for marriage) conclude the marriage if you don’t do it then a great commotion and disturbance and corruption would take place.”

Must knowing is how our Lord prophet Hazrat Muhammad Saw, set the matromial system for easiest and humble approaches.

We are offshores from the real goal of marriage due to the customary burdensome, the marriage which sans soul to soul linkage , maturity in mutual blooming of love and ethos of sublimely regards is aptly the lava of ignominious swings , which is utterly the spoilage and life’s gallows.

Moreover, married life is the life blessed with tranquillity shields you from psychological scourges suppose depression, anxiety , decomposers and much more.