By Darakshan Gulzar:Lady Zainab, a timeless role model for all

wilayattimes (Jammu and Kashmir)

Sayeda Zainab a.s hold a prominent position in the history of the religion of Islam and Indeed is viewed as one of the most important women in the history of the religion. A Lady from whose life, wonderful lessons maybe learnt. But For that we need not to limit those lessons for just being cocoon for the Muslim community.

By Darakshan Gulzar:

Sayeda Zainab a.s hold a prominent position in the history of the religion of Islam and Indeed is viewed as one of the most important women in the history of the religion. A Lady from whose life, wonderful lessons maybe learnt. But For that we need not to limit those lessons for just being cocoon for the Muslim community.

Many important examples may be derived from the Life of the Sayeda Zainab a.s and each and everyone of them are applicable into our lives today. Sayeda Zainab’s principles are principles which are to be observed by the women as well as the men of the community. There are moments is Sayeda Zainab’s life that will wake up the soul that is suicidal, the soul that is depressed, and the soul that is in anguish. Whenever you are in a spot of difficulty, come and see what Sayeda Zainab saw and then you are welcome to the world of Patience and the world of Bravery.

Zainab is no ordinary woman. She is Fasihah (skillfully fluent), Baligah (Intensely eloquent) and Alimah Ghayr Mu’allamah (who has knowledge without being taught). Imam Zainul Abideen a.s once said to Zainab a.s, “My Aunt Zainab, it should suffice you that you are learned without being taught by anyone, and you have understanding without being trained by anyone”. Sayeda Zainab is the daughter of Ali and Fatimah and the granddaughter of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh), this could have been enough to say that She is no Ordinary woman, but no, we do not make people great by associations, we make people great by their merits, in the school of Ahlal-Bayt.

Sayeda Zainab lost her Mother Fatimah s.a at the age of six, Her mother was killed by the people of their community.

But what did Zainab did after her mother’s death? Did Sayeda Zainab turn around to her Lord and said, ‘this is all Your fault’? No.

Did She turn around and blame the community, that ‘the community is full of hypocrites, I don’t want to join the community, I hate this community, they are all against me, they killed my mother’? No.

On the contrary Zainab a.s taught us a fundamental lesson even at that young age, she taught us that be pro active and don’t be someone who keeps thinking depressive about what’s happening to them, Rather use what God has given you to give back towards the community.

Immediately after the Battle of Karbala, Bibi Zainab emerged as a hero and took the reins in her hand and became a symbol of resistance and courage. Martyrs gave blood but then the survivors had to convey the message of that blood. Sayeda Zainab’s mandate was heavier than her brother Imam Hussain’s mandate. Because if blood has no message, it remains unspoken in history.

Soon after the Battle of Karbala, Shimr (L.A) who would take orders from Umar ibn Sa’ad (L.A), commander of Yazid’s army leading at Karbala, ablaze Imam Hussain’s tents on fire, where Sayeda Zainab was with her Children and her companions. They all were taken into the custody by evil king Yazid’s army men. But the Brave Bibi Zainab kept the surviving members of the family together and kept a hawks eye on them. What Sayeda Zainab did on the Day of Ashura and after that, not only saved the religion of Islam but was a lesson for humanity at large.

Her mission was equally important, to reveal the truth, to unmask the tyrants, to be an eloquent tongue of her Brother’s blood. Never did she lose hope or gave up, she remained steady throughout. Sayeda Zainab’s (S.A) strength, leadership, and vision are a lesson for men and women alike in today’s world. Women have an important role to play in all aspects of life: at home, at work, in the community, at the university, at centers, and Mosques.

In the court of Yazid (L.A), Sayeda Zainab gave an inspiring and bold speech against Yazid(L.A) in front of everyone. Her Sermon was so great and bold. While her family members were martyred just two days before, Despite all the tragedies she had to face, she so bravely gave the speech. Some of the People who were watching them were cheerful and some were shedding tears, yet She spoke like her Father Ali a.s did when he was delivering a sermon to his people during his rule. She spoke with the same tone, used the same kind of words Imam Ali a.s would use. She was equally eloquent and precise, and her words were equally profound. Her sermon shook the foundation of Yazid’s mighty empire.

“O Yazid! I swear by Allah that I do not fear anyone except Him and do not complain to anyone but Him. You may employ your deceit and trickery, but I swear by Allah the shame and disgrace you have earned by the treatment meted out to us cannot be eradicated,” She said.

The people present in the court were astonished, some were crying and some others were feeling remorseful.

The kind of devotion to God is also what gave Zainab a.s the strength and firm conviction she needed to endure the merciless slaughter of her children, brothers, and other family members. This is what gave her composure and conviction of faith when she and the remaining family members were taken as prisoner. And this is why she remained composed and eloquent while delivering her speech in the courtyard of Yazid (L.A) to the accomplices and bystanders of the events of Ashura.

Zainab a.s carried out many responsibilities in the aftermath of Karbala. She protected the ailing son of her brother when the tents were set ablaze by the marauding soldiers of Yazid. She consoled little children like Roqayya and Sukaina when everything that belonged to them was forcibly snatched away. She led the caravan that was accompanied with the severed head of her brother Imam Hussain a.s perched atop a spear.

Zainab a.s was crestfallen with grief but she stood firm because the mandate given to her was heavy. She wrote and recited marsiyas (poetic elegies) that jolted people out of their slumber and eventually led to the decline and fall of Yazidi empire. Today, nobody remembers Yazid, Ibn Ziyad, Umar Saad or Shimr (L.A). And everyone remembers Hussain, Abalfazl Abbas, Ali Akbar, Qasim, Asghar a.s. Zainab is the saviour of Karbala, who redefined patience and resilience in the face of insurmountable odds.

Zainab a.s kept alive the movement of Karbala and inspired future generations to unmask Yazids and Ibn Ziyads of their time.

Although we know that as Human beings we are bound to make mistakes, but we should strive to be the best version of ourselves using the Ahlal-Bayt a.s as our guide. Their lives were not without a multitude of difficulties and challenges, yet they never compromised on their morals, ethics, principles, and belief in God.

Sayeda Zainab’s a.s role was exemplary. It showed how bold Muslim women were and how they played a key role in consolidating Islamic Teachings. Today, despite so much progress and the spread of education and technology, so many Muslim women are oppressed and suppressed. In some alleged Muslim societies, a woman’s voice is banned from even being heard in public; and here was Zainab a.s who became a public speaker to save Islamic values.

Today, women need to learn much from Sayeda Zainab’s example and leadership qualities. Her public role in the battle of Karbala has much to teach us both Men and Women. The only way for people in general to pay respect to Her sacrifice is by being inspired by Her life to be courageous in the face of tyranny, patient in the times of trouble, and submissive to the will of God.

People say, a part of you dies with every loved ones you lose. I wonder what was left of Sayeda Zainab a.s knowing how many beloved she lost.

But in the Court of Yazid (L.A), She Proudly said “In this sacrifice and Revolution, I see nothing except The Beauty Of God!”