By Sakshi Singla:Stress Management For Academic Success

wilayattimes (Jammu and Kashmir)

Academic life is an important phase in everyone’s life and it is challenging too. With development in the mode of study, expectations from professors as well as students have also increased. They basically need to maintain proper balance between the academic development and learning process in the form of connecting through internet, as the corporate sector have made the students’ life challenging. Moreover, along with learning, the need of experience is also a major factor leading to stress among students.

For some students, that stress is manageable (sometimes even helpful, providing needed motivation) but for others, academic stress can become so great that it interferes with their ability to focus and concentrate.

If students feel that it’s interfering with the ability to function in the way they’d like, take action:

1. Remain proactive from beginning: The major issue with students is to delay the work till last moment. One should have proactive behaviour to survive in today’s fast changing and increasingly competitive environment. Even at the organisational level, adapting and reacting to changes is not enough; companies need to be proactive to stay ahead of competitors and survive. As the moment of stress is when the time left with them is too less and they have to complete the task on urgent basis that will automatically affect the quality of work because of delays.

2. Adapt time management strategy: Time management is not something that can be taught as an academic subject in school/college or university. Rather it should be created by considering the specific end goals. Students need to use good time management techniques for not getting stress especially because of work deadlines. They have to utilize their 24 hours to accomplish their academic and professional goals.

3. Consultative approach: Most of the students find it difficult to consult their teacher which usually leads to either delay in doing their tasks or unsatisfactory results and ultimately accumulates stress level. So, they must seek academic support whenever required.

4. Stay balanced and relax: Life gets so complicated with work. It seems hard to spare time for their own self when everything else is demanding their attention, but they need to stay balanced. Not taking care of their own makes students susceptible to getting sick and can also hold back their brain’s potential. So all they need to do is dedicate some time to leisure activities or things that make them feel happy and recharge their batteries feeling in tune with their true self.

These are some of the strategies that will help students to become more productive and competent. They also need to train their brain for more positive self-talks and a brighter future.

Author hails from Moga Punjab is PhD scholar and columnist at Wilayat Times.