By Samiya Nazir:Depression can be subsidized to relish the life.

wilayattimes (Jammu and Kashmir)

Since,  we live in 21st century, the silicon age abuzz with techno- crèche’s clichés  here we are bent with our toils and hardships , struggling for varied opportunities to chase the cut-throat age.

By Samiya Nazir

“ We’re in toiling -Moiling era , hard stiffened hot baked life endowed with nitty-gritty  what’s what and How’s how – all we need is to maintain our cool and move forward positively,  what’s more Writes “Sumiya Nazir.”

Since,  we live in 21st century, the silicon age abuzz with techno- crèche’s clichés  here we are bent with our toils and hardships , struggling for varied opportunities to chase the cut-throat age.

However,  in the advent of scorching challenges and conditions which are utterly so bitter to scale-up to meet the challenges are making matters much complicated in our day to day life.

The life’s criteria in this age is seemingly to solve a jig-saw puzzle,  which forces one to go for beyond options ,  the humdrum quandary has occurred in gigantic appearance which diluted the gnostic kinships.

Our social conditioning has been developed in such way that either we are goal oriented concentrating our whole efforts to make our future monetary and materially secure or trying all available means to be better than others/previous conditions at any cost forgetting all other psychological as well as spiritual needs in between. This is a do or die situation which creates a unique churning in our social setup blocking the natural progress of the people in general. We are in no way satisfied with our accomplishments till we don’t touch our graves. A whole set of hopelessness is our daily reminders to snatch more fruits from the so called success tree.  We keep multiplying our gains in life hoping to be happy one fine morning but that particular morning never comes in our way due to the unquenched greed infested in our chests. This way, our whole scenario of our struggles on this earth is marred by unseen realities we hardly pay attention to. In our faster approach to touch our self-made presumed goals, a hidden but parametric depression clench us slowly without our firm knowledge about the same.  This covert depression exacts dark and cavernous jolts to the very existence of us suddenly. Once a person comes under this harsh and cruel disease, it can lead him/her to death or render him/her a mental patient for the rest of their lives regardless of this achievements in wealth and grades in other parameters. The vicious depression doesn’t target a certain age group rather anyone can come under this terrific disease. It finds its place in anybody who does bear a hyper sensitive unsatisfied behaviour in his life and finish his life in a sudden deliberate death.

Depression is a pandemic disease found in all classes and groups throughout the world. Wherever we look, anyone can be involved in this disease. The successful or the unsuccessful, the rich or the poor, the English or the African everyone in one way or other way come under its influence. Anyone who has got negative perspectives about the core principles of life is the direct victim. His weird logics to satisfy his greed is the formal invitation to the deadly depression. Most of the times, the depressed person are not able to justify what is good or bad decision for his/her life and ultimately finds death as an only option left.

One of the most common depression causes in a person is due to the humiliation whether physical or mental. The humiliating incidents in one’s life bear life-long imprints with the mental traumas as the immediate end result. People hardly forget all those things or persons who cause them humiliation. Hence, a permanent scare on their mental walls.

The woman folk is one of the highest victim categories badly affected from this killer disease of depression. In our societies, we often consider women as second or inferior class to men. A mere biological difference is the biggest means to degrade this half population of the earth to a sub-human class who don’t have to look beyond their bedrooms and kitchens not to talk about their personal freedom as par with men in general.  The difference as made over centuries is the mainstream even in this age of total enlightenment and emancipatory movements. Hence, this structural discrimination endorsed by our history is one of the chief causes of the general mental disorders in our women folk. By preconceived nature, they are supposed to tolerate a varied set of stresses contributing to their depression which often result in their premature deaths or redundancy in their lives.

We must know that everyone regardless of the age group or class he/she belongs to, is unique and inspiring being in one way or another. Given the justice based system of this world, everyone’s existence is somehow necessary on this face of the earth.  To outlaw or sideline the depressed people intentionally or unintentionally is a gross human rights violation and against all moral/natural laws. We must not act in such a way that they resort to extreme means to end their suffering. The patient suffering from the depression is always eager to end all his stress and when it goes beyond his hands, he chooses death or other unfair ways to alleviate himself from the agonies associated. The depression overshadows all other positive dimensions of the effected person dissolving dissolves even his thinking and understanding faculties also.

As we know every problem has got its proper remedy and how to end this disease or dilute its effects need to be looked out on priority basis. Apart from clinical/medical treatments, there is only one approach to save the mankind from this slow and unseen poison that is the traditional humane approach costing nothing other than our empathy and unconditional love of the fellow human beings.  We can’t say to the depressed people, “Come on it. It is nothing , just be happy” and do nothing to mitigate their deadly disease. It doesn’t carry any merit or worth rather it will be more difficult for them to listen such advisories sans any ground based practicalities. This is not the way we can help them rather we are to counsel them in the most proper manner as we could. We should dilate our approaches and show our deep love and care. The depressed people must feel a type of belonging and selfless relationship in us while sharing their problems. We must be their passionate listeners and counsellors. Research shows that around 75% problems are automatically solved if we just listen sincerely. The nears and dears of the depressed people should play proactive role to share their details with proper interest and try to know the actual causes and seeds of their depression. Keep assuring them about the beauties of life and the vast scopes ahead of the dark tunnel they are currently struck in. Show them the glory and light each moment of our earthly life reveals no matter how much the bad situation is. For Quran says: “every day has its own glory” so to make them believe that their past life no matter how deadly that may be, doesn’t matter anymore. Make them live their present moment to its fullest form forgetting all presumed worries in their minds.

Author hails from Srinagar, Kashmir and occasionally writing articles for Wilayat Times.