Cease corruption by Good Education

wilayattimes (Kashmir)

Things fall apart when virtues are at discount and vices are at premium, Honesty is downgraded and dishonesty is praised, transparency is withered and corruption is promoted. Then whole system and standards get perverted and replaced by unruly designs of evil and corrupt values. The most problematic and pesky matter which has almost embraced all the spheres in its domain is the “rampant corruption”. It is perpetually forsaken and forgotten  by spirit and not by letter. This hovers over the horizons of society and working places within it. Corruption has embed it roots strongly and yield a new culture where everyone is cultivated and cultured. Although it has engulfed all offices and departments where it entices people to grease the palms from bottom to top.It is a baffling and embarrassing phenomenal evil which becomes a hard nut to crack. It is overtly and covertly apparent in all forms with different names on different occasions.

From the social to the political sphere, it has pervaded deep and pierced the social fiber of society and political transparency in administration. It becomes a glaring disease and unruly plague spiral to everywhere.Masses are being exploited under the shadows of corruption-culture in offices,departments and so else. The employees as well as people also are engrossed and immersed in corruption where they become addict of making corruption. The officers and other beaurocrats have drawn such self-imposed rules for having many irons in the fire whereby people are helpless to abide this unnecessary corruption-culture.


The corruption has given birth to various evils which are unabated.This phenomenon is so serious that it always requires deep concern to uproot it from its roots. Before thinking about its removal the question recur to  mind where from it oozes? Where from it arises? The question is perplexing and impels the mind  to ponder and contemplate about it! Once involve in deep thinking for analyzing the mind traces it origin that is the combination of two things “mind influenced by materialism and soul devoid of good spirit”.

The mind and soul lurk in ignorance  of ,officers, assistants, clerks etc who are  making corruption and make values and teachings upside down. It is marveled fact such persons who have acquired high degrees and are also called educated ones are involve in corruption . This is not generalization and sweeping judgment for all but a naked truth and reality. Mind does not stop but ontologically working and new questions cross over the mind. When thinking on it, if highly qualified and educated then why corrupution? Logically the answer comes that it is the fault of education system and curriculum where such persons who are on high or low posts are prepared and fostered but devoid of humanity and honesty. Being called highly educated in society but in reality they are simmering in materialism and ignorance.  Education and knowledge is supposed to modify the behavior, change.God-consciousness,self-realization and spiritual upbringing and not make huge stuff of information and instruction. Before anything a person should be a good human being and embodiment of good qualities then we can expect good from him or her. To make a human really a good human being is the task and purpose of education.To wash out and end the  corruption-culture is herculean task and for this seminars, Anti-corruption rallies fall short for removal of corruption. Besides the most important and necessary effort to uproot its roots is making change in the education system and curriculum which should be spiritual upbringing oriented and instill a good spirit and character in the people. So then we can expect and see the end of corruption. Lets give up to keep up appearances and let not grow grass under our feets.Gird up lions to hit the nail on the head and remove corruption from our life.