Committed to fight unitedly to restore special status of J&K, signatories of Gupkar Declaration

wilayattimes (Jammu and Kashmir)

Srinagar | WTNS | August 22:Just over a year after the centre revoked special constitutional rights granted to Jammu and Kashmir and divided the state into two union territories, its main regional parties have formally joined hands to fight against the move in a significant political shift away from long-standing rivalries.

The signatories of Gupkar Declaration on Saturday reiterated its commitments to fight collectively to restore the special status of J&K as guaranteed under the Constitution and said collective institution is the effective way to fight for these rights and tireless struggle to get the rights the J&K had on August 4, 2019.

As per reports, the signatories of Gupkar Declaration which includes Dr. Farooq Abdullah (JKNC), Ms. Mehbooba Mufti (JKPDP), Mr. GA Mir (JKPCC), Mr. MY Tarigami CPI(M), Mr. Sajad Gani Lone (JKPC) and Mr. Muzaffar Shah (JKANC) issued a joint statement regarding which states, “The signatories to the GUPKAR DECLARATION of 4th August 2019 have barely managed to establish basic level of communication with each other in the face of a series of prohibitive and punitive curbs imposed by the government, aimed at impeding all social and political interactions. The limited confabulations held within the constraints imposed have resulted in this unanimous resolution”.

Joint statement said, “The unfortunate events of 5th August 2019 have unrecognizably changed the relationship between J&K and New Delhi. In a spitefully shortsighted and unconstitutional move, Articles 370 and 35A were abrogated and the State was bifurcated and relegated to the status of two Union Territories and its Constitution tried to be made unenforceable”.

“The series of measures undertaken on 5th August 2019 were grossly unconstitutional and in reality measures of dis-empowerment and a challenge to the basic identity of the people of J&K. The measures attempt to redefine who we are. These changes were accompanied by repressive measures meant to silence people and coerce them into submission, and continue unabated”, joint statement reads.

It added, “These are testing times and times of pain for the peace loving people of J&K. We all reiterate our commitment to collectively fight to restore the Special Status of J&K as guaranteed under the Constitution and the commitments made from time to time. There is unanimity amongst us that collective institution is the effective way to fight for these rights and tirelessly struggle to get back the special status and restore the Constitutional guarantees forcibly taken away, against our will. We want to assure the people that all our political activities will be subservient to the sacred goal of reverting to the status of J&K as it existed on 4th August 2019”.

While expressing gratitude to the people of India, the political parties, the intelligentsia and other civil society groups for opposing the unconstitutional measures of 5th August 2019 and ever since standing with the people of J&K in this crises, statement reads, “We appeal for their unstinted support to our just cause till the unconstitutional measures of 5th August 2019 are undone and the special status of J&K restored”.

“We exhort leadership of the subcontinent to take due notice of the ever increasing skirmishes at the LAC and LOC resulting in casualties on both sides and unabated violent incidents in J&K and work for enduring peace in the region”, joint statement reads.

It further said, “We all reiterate that we are bound, wholly, by the contents of the Gupkar Declaration and will waveringly adhere to it. We are committed to strive for the restoration of Articles 370 and 35A, the Constitution of J&K and the restoration of the State and any division of the State is unacceptable to us. We unanimously reiterate that there can be nothing about us without us”.