Covid patients left on God’s Mercy at CD Hospital, Starving for just drops of water to close her eyes

wilayattimes (Jammu and Kashmir)

Srinagar:Covid patients left on God’s Mercy, Starving for just drops of water to close her eyes. She was collapsed in toilet , was left to die there, senses the jinx of untouchable dejection.

One covid-19 patient admitted is Chest Disease Hospital Dalgate Srinagar has been left on high and dry , Mumtaza Begum of Mohalla Syed Afzal Shah Sher Bhat Alamgri Bazar is battling for life with the sheer ignorance of doctors at helm.

While talking to Wilayat Times, Daughter of the patient narrated the tale of sorry and sorry , her mother has been used by medicos toy dragged to die even without a single drop of water, thus revealing the disaster of health system.

“The patient has the travel history from Mumbai via train which was swollen with passengers , slapped the social distances and became the victim.

She was then shifted to JLMN after being quarantined at NIIT administrative and was further shifted to chest disease hospital, where now her condition is critical without any even to listen her last words “ said daughter, who laments.

The patient is starving for even to just listen her , she don’t want a kind touch in the society of merciless humans , how she is dying without having the last look of her family .

No doctor or any nurse has the pity to monitor her condition, yester night she was collapsed in toilet room and was left there to die.

If the health system serves patients in this way, we are cocksure the hospitals are butchering work shops , and doctors are slaughtering them brutally.