Daesh, brainchild of west to disperse Muslims:Top Iranian Sunni cleric

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Tehran:Prominent Iranian Sunni scholar called Daesh as brainchild of the west and a means to damage Muslim world.Molvi Mohammad Eshaq Madani, Sunni member of the World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought, warned against Daesh as an anti-Islamic plot from within Muslim community created by world arrogant powers.Sunni cleric, participating the fifth conference on Shia Sunni fraternal ties in Kerman Province, referred to the disagreements among Muslims demanding for solutions to the issues so that the enemies do not misuse the difference as an opportunity against Muslims.
Sunni figure highlighted Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), holy Qur an and Qibla (praying direction of all Muslims) as the commonalities that should be maintained by all Muslims.Molavi Es haq Madani added, Enemies have launched wide range of efforts in line with Islamophobia for instance they design desecrating caricatures of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) to provoke Muslims and then introduce Muslims as violate and uncontainable.He also referred to followers of Christianity and Judaism for solving their disagreements while Muslims are standing against each other providing beneficial opportunities for the enemies.
Prominent Sunni scholar demanded Muslims to solve their minor differences and maintain their common enemies.Attended by outstanding Shia and Sunni clerics, fifth conference on Shia Sunni fraternal ties was held in Kahnouj County, Kerman Province.