Daesh follows no religion: Iranian Sunni Prayer leader

wilayattimes (Iran)

Kermanshah:Prominent Iranian cleric denounced killing of Muslims as baseless saying that Daesh follows no religion and in fact it is a brainchild of some extremist Sunni Muftis and western intelligence systems.

Mamusta Molla Ghader Ghaderi, Sunni prayer leader of Paveh in Kermanshah Province, attended the conference on “Dialogue for Life” called the present era as the era of invasion against spirituality of Islam and Qur’an and noted,” Dispersion of Muslims led to the present attacks on Islam and holy Qur’an.”
“Unfortunately each person interprets Islam and jurisprudence based on his personal whims and this has led to some people misusing the situation to launch war.” said the Sunni cleric demanding Muslim scholars to note and carry put their historical role.
Mamusta Qaderi noted a part of the present issues in the world of Islam as the result of ignorance and stressed,” Bullets should not substitute talks.” adding, ”When we can settle our problems with dialogue, then why should we tend to bullets?”
He stressed the reality behind Islamic proximity is proximity of the people with religious leaders and said, ”Denominations have no problem with each other because they share the same objective but we should not impose our personal views on others.”
Sunni prayer leader of Paveh hailed the role of Islamic Republic of Iran in boosting proximity among Muslim communities and stressed,” If there was a wise leader in the Arab states, like Egypt, they would have not been harassed in their present situation.”
According to the cleric, Iran since the beginning of revolution, has constantly been harassed by different political, sectarian and religious wars but owed to a wise, insightful and popular leadership, it has been empowered every day.
Mamusta Qaderi called Daesh as the common enemy of Shia and Sunni Muslims and said,” There is no basis for killing of others in Islam; hence Daesh has no religion in its indiscriminate killing of all people.” stressing that the deviate group is a brainchild of some extremist Sunni Muftis and western intelligent services.(TNA)