Defeat Enemies of Islam with the tool of Unity & Tolernce:Sheikh Al Azhar

wilayattimes (Egypt)

Cairo:Prominent Egyptian Cleric & Grand Sheikh of Al Azhar Ahmad al Tayyeb once again banned killing of Muslims from any denomination calling all to return to the original spirit of Islam, affection, tolerance and prevention of extremism, reported (TNA).

Sheikh cleric warned against disagreements between Muslim scholars and also any prejudice or extremism regarding a certain denomination.

He also referred to measures taken to impose a certain denomination to others and added,” This will lead to religious clashes while Islam embraces all denominations with no prejudice or extremism.”

Sunni scholar banned excommunication of any Muslim who prays towards Qibla (praying direction of Muslims) even with minor deviations saying,” Takfir (excommunication) is very threatening and no one has the right to exclude others from religion.”

Sheikh Al Azhar also demanded for reconciliation and unity of all Muslim clerics and stressed,” Unity is not to abide by one person since disagreement is quite natural and Islam accepts differences among people.”

He rejected some educational systems which fuel extremism and stressed,” Some educational systems lead scholars towards a certain denomination and growing prejudice towards their own school of thought.”