Differently abled persons left on high and dry,Social Activists aghast over the negligence

wilayattimes (Jammu and Kashmir)

Srinagar:Wilayat Times News Service:“According to the Census-survey conducted in 2011, there are more than five lac people suffering from disabilities ironically, dwelling in an inadequate provisions through out India.

The survey conducted by different organizations as well as by governments own departments Such as ‘’SAMAGRA’’ revels that In Jammu and Kashmir there are more than 40 thousands of children who are the victims of various disabilities such as Autism , Cerebral Palsy , Attention Deficit Disorder , Down syndrome and much more.

Zaheer Says further says that “ Apart from Kashmir, if we talk about states like Delhi , Bangalore, Mumbai or other states of our country. There are special facilities for such persons especially talking about handicapped children.

There are job-opportunities for children with disabilities, education is imparted by rich schools and other schools do abide an inclusive education and RPWD Act . However, in Kashmir things for such children are missing there is an absolute dearth of vital resources and basic needs for them .

Here in Kashmir they can’t get even a single tablet don’t ask about treatments for major aliments. The guardians of these children are forced to move to outer states tremendously facing the brunt of economical pangs. Thus their hopes are shattered , life seems for them to be suspended , living under the heaps of rapturous desolations.

Special education for them has gone for huge sixer, despite government launched many schemes for their education with the aim to enable them to live the life of standards.

They’re facing the crises of how to spend days without educational nourishments and medical cares. Thus resulted into their life based on charities , as all basic sustainable needs are not to be borne by their families keeping in facts the turbulent prevailing economical catastrophe due to valley’s political uncertainties and other natural blue-bolts.

The educational policy here in Kashmir stands on contrary to enroll such physically challenged students , as educational department ought to impart education to our beautiful folk of handicapped but conversely the shit hit the belly .

It sought to appoint special teachers with credential and alma matter of Special-Psychology aiming at to educate such students. However, such teachers are rare species over here but myriads of teachers with weighty degrees sans the one which is required.

With non laced with B.Ed. special educators and registered RCI professionals. They appoint simple graduates, MBA and 10+2 candidates for these kids and do malpractice with these kids. As we all professional know, dealing with autism and other special kids is very difficult and we want only registered professional like B. Ed special educators in MR, Visual Impairment,

Rehabilitation therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, physiotherapists and other Rehabilitation Council of India certified trainers to cater these kids because sometime wrong approach and mishandling can create problem for special children.

Last year in June , one special need children with low vision met with an with an accident during school hours with school bus , due to teacher negligence and because of major accident,

Now this special child is bed ridden and he became 80%disabled where he was only 50 % disability before accident and parents spend lakhs for his treatment and still he didn’t recover fully. This happen because teacher is not RCI trained professional who know how to cater special need children. Some professionals and simple teachers working in these instructions want to raise voices against professionalism and what happen with these children, but because of management and incharge pressure and strictness that didn’t able to raise voice , they know if they raise voice they lose job or yearly increment. Due to reputation of that schools no child right activist and Kashmiri journalist raise this issue in news paper . Zaheer Jan said “

Parents are crippled in such a manner they are seeking door to door for therapeutic services and inclusion of the special children in the mainstream education is a big goal to achieve. Although some of the reputed institutions have started inclusion yet there no appointment of professional staff catering special kids. Then the parents also have to seek some private therapist while as these all services have to be provide by school and Instruction itself. Some of parents also prefer to stay outside the state in this context to get the imparalled services for these special kids. Where lastly parents end up in losing their mental state and feel a sense of hopelessness. Where as there’s wide spectrum and priority to given to Goal 4 Goal 5 in UNSDGs 2030. Yet we have a long way to go. Together we can by abiding the rules and guidelines of Rehabilitation Council of India. By strengthening the institution already working, By implementing the Acts and Rules to their best.

As United Nation proclaims that Childhood is entitled to special care and assistance.

Every Child By reason of his Physical and Mental Immaturity, needs special safe guards and care, including appropriate legal protection before as well as after Birth. said Dr Chintanjeet Kour social activist and senior physiotherapist.

In this regard Rehabilitation Council of India had already issued order in 2019 that only RCI registered professionals can only work for special children. But here in Kashmir, some simple Graduates also enter to deal with special children and most of the autistic kids get problem because of mishandling. As it is, parents don’t find inclusive schools for special children here. Moreover, there are no vocational centers for these kids and once these kids attain 18 years of age, they are not accepted by schools and parents are compelled to keep them at home. Here renowned school didn’t allow special children in mainstream and we send representation to different school but no school brother to admit special children in mainstream. We believe in inclusion and inclusive education and the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016 is very clear about this . Parents of special need children are very much frustrated because they are not able to handle these children in home environment. It is very difficult. I think we all professional need to come together and take up this issue seriously with the authorities. We must stop malpractice in the Rehabilitation field. Parents are already depressed because of the hardship these special children face. All physiotherapist , Rehabilitation therapist , Special educators , speech therapists and OTs should come forward and help to stop malpractice in schools , hospitals etc. Dr. Fouzia and Dr. Sheema Reeyan senior physiotherapist in valley said .

Education of disabled people makes it mandatory that every child with disability shall have the rights to free education till the age of 18 yrs. in integrated schools under inclusive education. There should be 10% reservation of seats in all private educational institutions affiliated with CBSE or director school education in RPWD Act inclusive education already mention and now after abrogation of article 370 all central law is applicable in Jammu and kashmir . Every collages should start vocational training for adult special need children so that after 18 years, instead of sitting home they able to get admission in different vocational training course in collage level Zaheer Jan and Mudasir Shaban said.

I am Disable myself I feel the pain of Disability there are 21 disabilities I feel same for all 21 categories there are NGOs on the name of Disability they didn’t do anything for this sector a Disable is always depending person on their family or relatives but I feel when a Disable lost his/her parents they lost everything their came become hell after that we are doing our best as we can but there are much more to do we are bound to some extent and we haven’t enough resources to meet the demands as well as the needs of daily essentials of Disabilities, My main focus is experience of a Disable and policies which can make a change in the society I hope we can get some help. I want government start some job polices for person with different disabilities said Mudasir Shaban.