Diplomatic Defeat to US, UNSC rejects proposal to extend Iran arms embargo

wilayattimes (US)

Geneva | WTNS | August 15:The UN Security Council rejected a US proposal to extend the conventional weapons embargo on Iran Friday.

The United States suffered an embarrassing diplomatic defeat on Friday when the United Nations Security Council rejected a proposal to indefinitely extend an arms embargo on Iran.

The US has become increasingly isolated over Iran at the Security Council since President Donald Trump pulled it out of the 2015 nuclear deal between Tehran and world powers in May 2018.

Washington was not expected to receive nine votes in favor, removing the need for Russia and China to wield their vetoes which they had indicated they were prepared to do, AFP reported.

The embargo on conventional arms is due to expire on October 18 under the terms of a resolution that blessed the Iran nuclear deal, signed in July 2015 and officially known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

Since Trump pulled out and slapped unilateral sanctions on Iran under a so-called campaign of “maximum pressure,” Tehran has taken small but escalating steps away from compliance with the nuclear accord as it presses for sanctions relief.

The US text, rejected by the Security Council, effectively called for an indefinite extension of the embargo on Iran.

Diplomats feared that the resolution would threaten the nuclear agreement.

Iran says it has the right to self-defense and that a continuation of the ban would mean an end to the nuclear deal.

The United States has threatened to try to force a return of UN sanctions if it is not extended by using a controversial technique called “snapback.”

Iran’s ambassador to the United Nations said a recent vote at the UN Security Council against Washington’s proposal to extend an arms ban on Iran once again showed the US’ deepening global isolation.

“The result of the vote in #UNSC on arms embargo against Iran shows—once more—the US’ isolation. Council’s message: NO to UNILATERALISM. US must learn from this debacle. Its attempt to ‘snapback’ sanctions is illegal, and was rejected by int’l community, as was evident today,” Majid Takht-Ravanchi tweeted on Friday.