Dividing people on religion dangerous for unity: Farooq Abdullah

wilayattimes (Jammu and Kashmir)

Jammu:Jammu and Kashmir National Conference President Dr Farooq Abdullah on Sunday expressed concern over divisive forces getting centre-stage in polity, saying dividing people on religious basis is dangerous for unity.
“We must guard against all such machinations that divide the people on religion or caste”, Dr Farooq Abdullah said while addressing youth at a function organized by “Jansewa Ka Ek Avloken”, as part of its anniversary celebrations.
Dr Farooq Abdullah called for collective effort in promoting harmony and lamented over attempts of creating wedge between various segments of society as part of vote politics and said this will prove detrimental to the overall interests of the country.
The National Conference chief cautioned those poisoning young minds by creating fears about religion being in danger and said no religion had any threat and if there is actually any problem to anyone, it is the divisive politicians, who run their political enterprise by exploiting religion. He asked the youth to fight for their rights and assert their position as proud citizens of India, which belonged to all, irrespective of region, religion or caste.
He exhorted youth to work for forging unity among believers of various religions, saying no religion spreads hate and those hiding behind itto divide the people need to be isolated.
Stressing the need for collective efforts in ensuring social justice and empowerment of weaker segments of society, Dr Farooq Abdullah said Sher-e-Kashmir Sheikh Mohammed Abdullah worked tirelessly for their upliftment. He said Sheikh Sahib paid a heavy price in 1953 for making the exploited, poor and marginalized sections of people masters of the land holdings they put in their hard toil by enactment of revolutionary Land Reforms Act. “This annoyed big land holders and exploiters who schemed against Sheikh Sahib in New Delhi, which among other things, resulted in his arrest”, he said.
Dr Farooq Abdullah also dwelt upon initiatives taken by National Conference in political empowerment of Scheduled Castes and other weaker sections and referred to the slots given to members of this community in Legislative Council. He said post 1996, six of the eight slots in Legislative Council were given to Jammu, as a measure to ensure empowerment of weaker sections.
Dr Farooq Abdullah complimented the youth for generating awareness among the weaker sections about their rights and working for their empowerment. He said the participants in the multi-faceted programme hold hope and promise for future and he was confident that they will contribute immensely in transformation of these segments of society.
The NC President called for adequate openings for weaker sections so that they can attain their rightful place in the society.
Provincial President Devender Singh Rana was also present on the occasion.
Responding to their demand of declaration of holiday on Guru Nabha Dass Jayanti, Dr Abdullah supported it, saying Rana has already taken up the issue with concerned on behalf of National Conference.
Devender Singh Rana and T S Wazir also addressed the gathering and stressed the crucial need of ensuring social justice and empowerment of the weaker sections of society.
Earlier, a colorful variety programme was held under the aegis of “Jansewa Ka Ek Avloken”, which enthralled the audience. Highlight of the programme was flute recital by a well known young artist Mayank Raina.
Chairman of the organization, Harish Chander presented a memorandum to the Dr Farooq Abdullah and also highlighted the difficulties being faced by the members of the community.