Donald Trump exposed the real face of America:Supreme Leader

No Country Can Paralyze Iranian Nation:In a meeting with Air Force, air defense base staffers

wilayattimes (Iran)

Tehran:Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei met with a group of commanders and staff members from Iran’s Air Force and the Iranian Army’s Khatam al-Anbiya Air Defense Base on Tuesday. During the meeting, the Leader referred to the “faith-based, powerful, logical and full-of-self-confidence move taken by the dear Iranian nation” and emphasized, “If rationality is taken advantage of under the aegis of hope and trust in God, it will be ensued with the Almighty God’s assistance. However, rationality resulting from putting one’s trust in the Great Satan and materialistic powers will only lead to a mirage.”

The Leader added, “This gentleman who has recently taken office [as president] in America, through his remarks and measures, has laid bare before the public opinion [of the world] what the Islamic establishment [in Iran] had said during [the past] 38 years about existence of all-out corruption in the ruling system of America, the and Iranian nation will respond to his measures and threats on the 22nd [day] of [the Iranian calendar month of] Bahman [February 10, 2017, which marks the victory anniversary of the Islamic Revolution].”

Tuesday’s meeting was held on the anniversary of the historic promise of allegiance by the Iranian Air Force technicians to late Founder of the Islamic Republic, Imam Khomeini, on the 19th day of the Iranian month of Bahman in the Iranian calendar year 1357 (February 8, 1979). During the meeting, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution described that event as a determining milestone in the history of the Islamic Revolution and added, “Under the monarchial regime [of Iran], the [Iranian] Air Force was one of the closest sectors [of the Armed Forces] to the political system, which was dependent on America, but the monarchial regime was dealt the heaviest blow by this very sector, something which it never predicted.”
Ayatollah Khamenei then pointed out, “Top figures of the revolution, people and even the honorable Imam did not predict such an amazing development and the event was in fact an example of the “unexpected provision” or unexpected and incalculable provision to which the Holy Quran has alluded.
The Leader of the Islamic Revolution said, “The lesson and message contained in the event of the 19th of Bahman [in the Iranian year 13]57 is that in parallel to necessary rational and material calculations, those calculations that transcend [the limits of] material issues must be also taken into account.”
The Leader pointed out, “During 38 years that have gone by following the victory of the Islamic Revolution, we have witnessed the assistance of God and developments, which could not be accounted for based on materialistic calculations with regard to various issues, including the Sacred Defense [the eight-year Iraqi imposed war against Iran].”
The Leader of the Islamic Revolution mentioned hope and trust in God, followed by taking advantage of rationality under their aegis, as requisites for the reconstruction [of the country] and doing away with deadlocks, while emphasizing, “If, instead of doing this, we put our trust in devils, especially the Great Satan, and use rationality under the aegis of hope in those devils, the result would be a mirage.”

Ayatollah Khamenei mentioned recourse to rationality and foresight in diplomacy, management of the country, and other affairs as necessary, but warned, “Putting one’s trust in devils and pinning hope on those, who are against the very existence of the [Islamic] establishment and the rule of Islam, is a great error, because it will serve the country no good.”
The Leader of the Islamic Revolution then pointed to the remarks made by the new president of the United States [Donald Trump] to the effect that Iran must thank the administration of his predecessor, Barack Obama, noting, “We will by no means thank that administration, because it imposed heavy sanctions [on Iran] with the goal of paralyzing the Iranian nation and the Islamic establishment and, of course, it failed to achieve this goal just in the same way that no other enemy will be able to paralyze this great nation too.”
The Leader said, “Why should we thank the previous American administration, [do we have to do this] for [its] anti-Iran sanctions? For creating Daesh? For putting the [entire] region on fire [especially through fomenting crises] in Syria and Iraq? Or for its hypocrisy and the Janus-faced nature, that is, ‘expression of friendship and [readiness for] cooperation in private letters, but publicly and clearly supporting the sedition [in Iran] after [the presidential] election [in the Iranian year, 13]88 (2009)?”
The Leader of the Islamic Revolution said, “These are examples of the same velvet glove that the previous American administration had drawn over its iron claws.”
Ayatollah Khamenei then pointed to remarks made by the new American president to the effect that Iranians ‘must be afraid of me’, and emphasized, “[A true] Iranian is not afraid of any threat.”
Referring to the forthcoming nationwide demonstrations scheduled to be held on the 22nd day of the Iranian month of Bahman (February 10) to mark the anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution, the Leader said, “On the 22nd of Bahman, people [of Iran] will pour into streets and respond to these remarks and threats.”
Using an ironical tone, the Leader added, “Of course, we are thankful to this newly-elected gentlemen, because he has relieved us of [a lot of] trouble and by revealing the real face of America, has proven what the Islamic Republic of Iran had said during [the past] 38 years about the political, economic, moral, and social corruption within the ruling system of America.”
Ayatollah Khamenei said, “The new [American] president has laid bare the real nature of America before the eyes of the people of the world through his remarks and measures both during election campaigns and in recent days, and is showing the truth about America.”
The Leader mentioned the detention and arrest of a five-year-old Iranian child as an example of the American human rights and added, “May God’s mercy be upon the soul of the honorable Imam, who reminded [everybody] of the truth about America time and again in his remarks and writings, and insisted that the [Iranian] people and officials must avoid trusting the Great Satan by recognizing the [real] nature of the enemy. Today, the truth about the remarks of that departed loved one is clearly [there] before the eyes of all people.”

Elsewhere in another remarks, the Commander-in-chief of the Iranian Armed Forces touched upon the determining role played by the Iranian Air Force during different periods following the victory of the Islamic Revolution, including in thwarting a coup attempt in 1980, during the era of the Iraqi imposed war against Iran and in such important military operations as Operation “Val-Fajr 8” and Operation “Karbala 5”. The Leader also lauded indefatigable efforts made by former commander of Iran’s Air Force, martyred Major General Mansour Sattari, saying, “The jihad for manufacturing spare parts and promoting innovation and initiative was for the first time launched in [Iran’s] Air Force and the Air Force always inspired the nation with [high] morale throughout the Sacred Defense.”
Ayatollah Khamenei advised commanders and staff members of Iran’s Air Force, especially the young personnel, to continue on the honorable path of the past and to go on hard labor, efforts and innovation, adding, “The voids must be filled with piety and trust in God as well as strong will.”
Concluding his remarks, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution stressed the necessity of continuing the dignified and pride-inspiring path of the Iranian nation, noting, “The young generation of the past took important steps and the present young generation is guarding this trust and will continue on the path to realizing the ideals of the revolution.”
Before remarks by the Commander-in-chief of the Iranian Armed Forces, Commander of Iran’s Air Force Brigadier General Hassan Shahsafi praised the anniversary of the Bahman 19 event, which is known in Iran as the Air Force Day, and presented a report on the activities and programs considered by the force in various sectors. Shahsafi added, “We are ready through strong determination and trust in God and determining presence in any arena necessary to defend the interests of the great Iranian nation in the face of arrogant enemies.”