Don’t tinker with Article 35-A, warns Omar Abdullah

wilayattimes (Jammu and Kashmir)

Srinagar:Former chief minister and National Conference Vice President Omar Abdullah Monday said the situation in Jammu and Kashmir would turn uglier than Arunachal Pradesh in case Article 35A is fiddled with.
Addressing a gathering after former bureaucrat Farooq Shah joined party in presence of NC’s president Dr. Farooq Abdullah and other top leaders at party headquarters here, Omar warned New Delhi against attempts to tinker with Article 35 A.

“People of Jammu and Kashmir are being threatened over Article 35A, but I want to tell New Delhi that situation in the State would become even worse in case the constitution is tinkered with,” he said, adding that Arunachal Pradesh was the clam State in India but since the government fiddled with State Subject Law there, the situation has taken U turn, even the house of Deputy Chief Minister was set ablaze.

“There was no militancy or stone-pelting in Arunachal Pradesh but at present the calmest State is on boil due to the tinkering of State Subject Law there. I want to tell New Delhi not to fiddle with Article 35A as the situation would become even worse than Arunachal Pradesh here,” he added as per correspondent.

Omar also said that let the elections be held in Jammu and Kashmir and people be given a right to cast their ballots, therefore the proper government here with deal with the issue (Article 35A) on its own. “We know how to calm down the situation like we did in 2014. We better know the situation than you (New Delhi),” he said.

Earlier, in a day, Omar said that ensuring elections take place in Jammu and Kashmir will be a test of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s handling of Kashmir in last five years.

“Will the Modi government bow before those forces of separatism and terror that have always sought to disrupt/delay polls in J&K or will polls take place on schedule? The moment of truth for PM Modi’s handling of Kashmir over the last 5 years,” Omar tweeted.

He also added that Centre and Governor have only one responsibility right now that is to hold elections. “So, hold elections, let people take the decision, the new government will itself work towards safeguarding Article 35A,” he said.

Omar said baring the odd by-election all elections after 1995-96 have taken place on schedule. “Will PM Modi be able to keep to this schedule or will he accept he’s totally mishandled J&K? The next few days will give us the answer,” Omar tweeted. (KNS)