Ehsaas International hand in glove with Dard Welfare Society on human benevolence threshold

Marking frolicsome '' Wall of kindness''.

wilayattimes (Jammu and Kashmir)

Srinagar | WTNS | Aga Syed Amin| Dec 06:Ehsaas international is an innovative spree makes back to back headlines every other day, in yet another feast for the society it marked frolic day of volunteering the daunting tasks to register the smile on gloomy- stricken faces.

On the onset of brutal winter in valley Ehsaas international and Dard Welfare society established “ Wall of Kindness” commonly known as “ Deewar-i-Meharbani’ to help the nation ensure a bright future for its people.

Barrowed from Iran Wall of Kindness is the latest charity and welfare innovation enabling people to help the underprivileged with basic needs , the wall of kindness is making ripple effects across the valley . Neither a roofed institution nor a walled organization the wall of kindness is a colorfully painted roadside place where people from neighborhoods can leave basic needful things , such as clothes , blankets, shoes , jackets , bedsheets ,food ,books and other vital life sustainable things to be picked up by the needy “ Take what you need , leave what you don’t

Srinagar roads turn colorful today with the rainbow of different needful things under the banner of Ehsaas international and Dard Welfare society.

Er. Sheikh Adil is looking forward at the ways of Nobel men at polo view Lal Chowk to let gushing brook of human pathos with caring ethos to flow.

Police officer’s viceroy as an aptness of visage envoy of spreading the gospels for setting an example of Love between a giver and taker without tarnishing the dignities.

“Peoples need for clothes is abundant but they can’t afford to ask for them directly to avoid scratches to their esteems , thus wall of kindness serves the purpose with myriad selections”, said ER, Sheikh Adil while paying honorable gratitude for the organizers of this philanthropic initiative.

The wall of kindness offered unused warm cloaks “ Kashmiri traditional Pheran” in hundreds , Jackets and pantaloons as a token of love revived as donations provided as devotions.

Vaqar Ganie , applauded this humanitarian phenomenal strives of ER Sheikh Adil and urged such services from the public to come forward with the same gesture.

Magnanimous Philanthropist Hakeem Mohammad Ilyass expressed his gratefulness and belatedness for the organizers and gave his nod for such generous approaches in future as well .

He said “ this is a big day for us all to pay heed to our human making merry-glee responses”.

He urged the government for recognizing and encouraging the efforts put in service by the yuppie.

Mursal Bhat , a volunteer said that , we are in service of making our lives promising by switching to our prolonged desire of joining the chain of social activists who’s role is to eradicate the mendicancy compounded after offshoring ourselves from such unselfishness acts.

Government should cherish such activists and need to advance these sorts services”.

Mahvish Rashid , vital team leader of Ehsaas put on record her utmost gratitude by terming the service a luck- bringing gust for those living miserably on the edges .

Mehvish Rashid, a top-notch sociable plover who has worked as an iconic activist with health community and social response has this to say “ this is the landmark beginning and deserves global acclimatization in era of loot- moot racism , at a time when the world is witnessing black angelic disasters such activities serves as a tonic to our spiritualism.

Fazeelat Hussain , another volunteer was seen jubilant and jocund one , who’s with brimming notions which delve in constructing the new realms work culture in provoking the sense of being human believes in the making of Eden’s streams flashing with the charisma of enhancing human excellence.

Other dignitaries who adorned the occasion were Mr. Hamid Bukhari (IAS), Dr.Irshad Muntazir, Adnan Shah CEO Fashion Fiesta, Hizib Zargar Consultant Image, Amjid Razvi PRO Ehsaas International.