Ehsaas International manufactures 1000 PPE kits per day to support JK administration

wilayattimes (Jammu and Kashmir)

Srinagar:One of first kind of Kashmir based Ehsaas international group is working in close coordination with Administration by providing all the necessary health related stuff and emergency services to various hospitals and quarantine centers set up by Administration in different districts of Kashmir in view of pandemic situation created by COVID19.

Ehsaas International has engaged a team of volunteers which provides the emergency services to a number of hospitals and quarantine centres in various districts on daily basis.

Pertinently, with a severe shortage of emergency supplies like PPE , masks and sanitizers many front line employees like doctors,police officers and the workers of SMC department are risking their lives.In the entire precarious scenario, Ehsas international group since 22nd March 2020, has been helping the medical practitioners in almost every district of Kashmir valley of COVID hospitals by providing them medical kits, PPE, masks and much more.

Meanwhile, from 7th April 2020 onwards the NGO has came forward to lend a support to the workers of SMC department who work in various covid hospitals and quarantine centres by providing them basic Hygiene kits including masks , PPE , gowns etc.

Wilayat Times reports, while taking to KNB  Chairman Hakeem Ilyas said, ” When the crisis about shortage of PPE masks arised globally our team decided to manufacture the PPE kits locally and started distributing them to the district administration and to the health directorate also w.e.f.22nd of March while today we have 273 workers on board who work day night to tackle the needs of people and we have distributed the kits in almost every district of Kashmir valley.”

He further said, “My team manufactures near about 1000 PPE kits per day which are all distributed at various levels as per the demand. From today we have also started distributing the PPE kits among SMC workers who are on duty for the welfare of society.”

Many Govt. officials thanked the management of Ehsas international for working on frontline and  providing PPE kits to employees and health staff in many districts of Kashmir valley.