Euphoria behind Eons : Mirwaiz’s reunion exhilarated people, In his first address after four years, Calls For Peace, Dialogue

wilayattimes (Jammu and Kashmir)

Srinagar | WTNS | Sep 23: Mirwaiz Umar Farooq released after four years of house imprisonment came to an end today on 22 September after authorities liberated him and allowed him to the Friday congregation pray. His liberation marked the hearts of thousands of his followers with the jubilations blended with a sense of gratitude to the authorities .

His excerpts from the Friday congregational prayer:

In current scenario, there is no space for us, says Mirwaiz, Urges people to be patient, have faith in Almighty Advising people to have faith and believe that there is always light at the end of the tunnel, Mirwaiz-e-Kashmir Molvi Muhammad Dr.Umer Farooq during his Friday sermon after over 4 years at historic Jamia Masjid said that he is well aware that people are going through a rough phase since August 2019 as there have been assaults on peoples identity.

“The abrogation of Article 370 and 35A , the downgrading of J&K into a union territory from a state, the dismemberment of Ladakh from it and post that new laws and diktats being imposed incessantly through the Reorganization Act, unfortunately, are harsh unilateral decisions of disempowerment,” he said adding that he is out from the incarceration because of the peoples prayers who are very close to his heart.

“I was placed under detention in my home by the authorities and not allowed to move out or to meet with people. All my rights and liberties were curtailed. Despite repeated appeals from one and all, I was not released. And finally after taking this matter to the court, yesterday I was informed by the police officials who came to visit me that authorities had decided to release me from house detention and allow me to go to Jamia Masjid tomorrow.”
Mirwaiz Umar Farooq said: “I am here today after 4 long years. It is a very emotional moment for me. I thank Almighty Allah that he made it possible and once again today I am in Jamia, among you.”

He said that the institution of the Mirwaiz believes in outreach. It believes in dialogue and reason. It is incumbent upon the Mirwaiz to convey the truth to power and to people and play his role in the interest of people and peace. History is witness to the fact that the Mirwaiz has always propagated dialogue and accord, even at the cost of personal loss and suffering.

Mirwaiz Umar Farooq said that despite being under house arrest, APHC has all along since early 2020 when the communication ban was gradually lifted from the valley post the August 2019 changes, been voicing its anguish over the developing situation. But due to the gag on its statements, especially in the local media both electronic and print, our voice is not allowed to be heard. “So in the current time when there is absolutely no space for us, or for the expression of our opinion and aspirations and our concerns, what can we do? This is the time to conserve, be patient, act responsibly, and repose complete faith in God who is the all-powerful Almighty. We have to hold on tightly to the rope of faith and belief. As the Quran guides us “and hold fast by the rope of Allah all together and be not disunited”

“I and my colleagues in APHC have always believed that by virtue of the fact that a part of J&K is in India, a part with Pakistan, and some part with China too, makes the state of Jammu and Kashmir as its existed in August 1947 and its people divided, and so an issue which has to be addressed and resolved. This is a fact. The international community has ratified this too. Families and friends living on different sides divided by an artificial line want to meet and share their lives, share their happiness with each other, and mourn their loss together. This is a human problem for us the people of Jammu and Kashmir, not a territorial tug of war. We also want to move beyond it,” Mirwaiz Umar Farooq who gave a sermon after 212 Fridays said.

He said: “As PM Modi rightly said this is not an era of war. We have always believed and participated in efforts of resolution through an alternative to violent means which is dialogue and reconciliation. We have personally suffered for pursuing this route. We are not so-called separatists or peace disrupters but realist resolution seekers. We have no personal ambition but to represent the interests and aspirations of the people of Jammu and Kashmir who are our basic concern. People want settlement and peace bringing prosperity with it, but on peoples terms.”

He said: “We believe in peaceful coexistence between communities and nations between the strong and the weak, between the majority and the minority. We have always advocated the return of Kashmiri pandits and disapproved of making this human issue a political one. Stern approach to dealing with issues is a dangerous thing. It leads to human rights violations. Dozens of our leaders, men and women are languishing in jails for years, thousands of young men and boys, journalists and scribes, human rights activists, and lawyers are suffering incarceration. They need to be released as soon as possible. Their health and families are suffering.”

He said his youth are the wealth of the nation and he respects their feelings. “But , I request you to be patient and have faith, and strengthen your connection with the almighty and his Messenger. That is the key to survival and success. I would also like to express gratitude to all people including, politicians of all hues, Ulemas, traders, civil society members, and others across the board from all regions of JK, who repeatedly asked for my release on various occasions,” Mirwaiz concluded.

Mirwaiz Moulvi Umar Farooq led Friday congregation prayers were held peacefully and the credit for it goes to the people for their cooperation, besides the law enforcing agencies, Additional Director General of Police (ADGP), Kashmir, and Divisional Commissioner, Kashmir, said.

As per reports amid tight security, the Mirwaiz arrived at Jamia Masjid at least an hour before the Friday prayers.

He was received by an emotional crowd of thousands as he returned to lead prayers after 212 weeks.

People had started trooping in as the news of the Mirwaiz’s release from detention spread, with scores of security officials keeping a watch.

“It was completely peaceful and there was no effort to disturb the peace,” ADGP Kashmir, Vijay Kumar told Kashmir based local Newspaper. “People gave full cooperation and credit goes to them also, besides the law enforcing agencies.”

Mean while Divisional Commissioner, Kashmir, Vijay Kumar Bidhuri termed the peaceful culmination of Friday prayers as dividends of peace.

“The decision was taken by different stakeholders after calculating things,” he said, adding that the credit goes to the people and the law enforcement agencies.

Political parties in Jammu and Kashmir welcomed the release of Mirwaiz Umar Farooq from his house arrest and expressed hope that the Mirwaiz would resume his social and religious responsibilities.