Extravaganza in Kashmiri marriages is dangerous menace and Unislamic:Mirwaiz Umar Farooq

wilayattimes (Jammu and Kashmir)

Srinagar:Mutahida Majlis-e-Ulema patron and APHC chairman Mirwaiz Umar Farooq while expressing serious concern over the growing social evils in the Kashmiri society stated that everyone of us is morally duty bound to contribute in shaping a healthy society and saving it from deterioration.

Terming the extravaganza in Kashmiri marriages and other related functions a dangerous menace which is un-Islamic and is eating in to the vitals of our society, Mirwaiz in a statement to Wilayat Times said that Islam encourages us to tend to our guests within the limits of moderation but our marriage functions have become an exhibition of pomp and show and an occasion for crude display of wealth. This unnecessary spending becomes a cause of social imbalance and burden for others.

Mirwaiz said that besides serving dishes beyond limit during wedding feasts there are reports that currency notes of high denomination are also presented to guests which is a highly shameful act and reflects the level of degradation of our society. Mirwaiz said the people are also indulging in bursting fire crackers and playing music on loudspeakers at midnight, thus becoming a great source of nuisance and inconvenience for others.

Mirwiz said it is unfortunate that at a time when Kashmir is facing multiple challenges and we as a nation are going through so much of pain and suffering at such a juncture indulging in extravaganza at any level is most unfortunate. He said it is the duty of every individual to refrain from indulging in such acts which are un-Islamic, unethical and highly detrimental to the society and may become the cause of inviting the wrath of Allah.