Fadak Sermon of Hazrat Zehra (S.A)

wilayattimes (Jammu and Kashmir)

Allah, the exalted, the all praise worthy who endowed us with numerous endowments-that too without asking for. His blessings upon us can neither be counted nor can be paid back in any form, and are far beyond our comprehension.

He ordered us to thank Him for His blessings so as the bounties can aggrandize and then after the completion of the bounties he again ordered for our thankfulness.

Evidence of the unity and qualities of Allah:

Fatima: I bear witness that Allah, Solely, deserves to be worshipped. He has no any other accomplice; that Kalima of His Unity is based on IKhlas(Sincerety); that Tawheed is such a reality which every heart perceives and it adds grandeur to every thought and ideology. Tawheed enlightened the thought of humans; it can’t be visualized through naked eyes; it can’t be praised by words and its reality can’t be comprehended.

He created this universe without having a map or picture at His disposal. He created every thing by His divine power. He neither needed these things nor had any benefit of them. He created this universe in order to reinforce His Hikmat to attract people towards His worship and to teach us the way of worship.

He fixed reward for His worship and punishment for violation so as people can escape His wrath and come nearer to the Heaven.

Evidence of the Prophethood and the necessity of Prophet:

I (Fatima) bear witness that my father Mohammad is the servant and prophet of Allah. Allah had chosen Him even before bestowing upon Him the Prophethood. Allah had nominated Him even before His birth (all messengers were made to acknowledge His prophethood). Allah bestowed grandeur and greatness upon Him before his formal announcement of being the messenger. He (SAWW) was the messenger, when nothing existed; the universe was yet to put on the attire of being. Allah, the omniscient, everything that existed was already in the knowledge of Allah.

He selected the messenger even before the existence of the universe but sent Him as the last prophet so as He can lead the divine mission towards perfection and He can get His ultimate decisions implemented through the prophet. As, Allah observed the disparity of religion amongst the Ummah.

Some are worshipping “Fire” whereas some are idol worshippers. Allah, enlightened the world by virtue of the last messenger. The messenger purified hearts; removed veils of ignorance; hoisted the flag of salvation and guidance. He led towards the right path and led from ignorance towards enlightenment. And thus He completed His “Divine Mission”.

Allah, the almighty, then called the Revered Prophet back and now He resides in the vicinity of Allah where angels are at his service.

Then the beloved daughter of the revered prophet pours blessings and salutations up Her father and says, Blessings and salutations of Allah, be up on my father who is fiduciary of the divine revelation and the best of all the creation.

Addressing Suhabis, Fatima says, “You are the servants of Allah and pivot of His Amr-o-Nahi. “You are the bearers of His “Deen and Wahi”, you ponder whether to follow his rules or not.

You are Allah’s messengers for other Ummahs and you are responsible amongst your own brethren in faith. He has already taken your allegiance. He has made vicegerent amongst you.

Whilst drawing attention towards the greatness of the Quran, she says, this Quran is rational and true. Its light spreads, and it gleams all across; its candles are illuminating’ its secrets are crystal clear; It’s adherents/follower are role modals for others and Heaven is their abode. Those who recite and follow it obtain salvation. It is the best source of unambiguous reasons/proofs.

The Quran interprets the obligatory and forbidden things. The Signs of its grandeur are crystal and clear. Its proofs/reasons are enough. Its teachings are ultimate and decisive.

Philosophy behind the commandments of Allah.

Allah purified you from infidelity through faith. He cleansed you through prayer from pride and arrogance and made Zakat as a source of your self-purification and abundance in subsistence (Rizk); Fasting as a source to strengthen sincerity and will power. He made Hajj obligatory to strengthen Islam through justice. He maintained discipline in hearts. He strengthened the bond of love and harmony amongst Muslims through the obedience of we Ahlibait. He made the leadership of we Ahlibait, as the strong source of peace and tranquility; He honored Islam through Jihad and made patience as a source of high reward. He invited towards virtue for the sake of people.

Allah, made good treatment with parents as a source to escape punishment; goodness with relatives is also made as “virtue” to escape His wrath; law of blood for blood is to avert bloodshed. The offerings and oblations are a source of remission. Correctness in weight and measures has been made obligatory to safeguard life and worldly material. Abstinence from alcohol leads to purity; commandment of abstinence from calumny keeps out of the gamut of imprecations; the prohibition of theft leads to chastity. Infidelity is forbidden so as the path of piety can be followed and people may remain sincere. Now adopt piety in truest sense of the term; leave this world in the state of Islam worship none but Allah.

“Daughter of the prophet introducing herself”   

O! people, I am Fatima; Mohammad Mustafa is my father. I will talk true from beginning to end. My father came as a messenger amongst you. Your infidelity and idolatry disheartened Him. He yearned to show you the path of welfare and betterment. He was kind to Momineen. If you would observe the treatment he meets out with me, you would come to know that he is my father not of your women; He is the brother of my paternal Uncle’s son “Ali” not of your men. This is a matter of pride for us. The messenger overtly propagated  the message of Allah in which inducement of Jannat and the fear of the punishment of Hell was given.Without fearing infidels, he chanted sky high slogans of tawheed . And then began to preach Islam amongst the blood thirsty infidels. By pulling down the idols, He tore apart the arrogance of idolaters into shreds. Ignorance disappeared and the light of Haq spread far and wide; Deen-i-Haq began to rule the roost; the voices of Demons and Devils were muzzled; hypocrisy and fallacy was vandalized and the riddles and complicacies of idolatory were resolved.

Pointing towards the age of Ignorance:

You were on the verge of ignorance; and Allah, by dint of my father rescued you from its flames. You were a drop of water for thirsty and a morsel of food for a greedy. You were a sparkle of fire, you were being trampled under ruthless feet you would drink contaminated water and leaves were your food. You were a deprived and depressed lot and a danger of invasion from all sides frequently lurked up on you. And then Allah, the Almighty by dint of my father saved you from all this fuss and mess.

Bravery of Hazrat Ali and His role in Islam.

Whenever the Arab Chiefs would raise the voice of rebellion and would stoke the fire of war, the Messenger would send Ali, His brother, to put out the flames and suppress the rebellion, and Ali would return after defeating the rebels from the battle field.

He (Ali) was very obedient to Allah, very close to Mohammad; Chief of al walis; a past master of reformers and advisors; He was ready to brace all odds in executing the commandments of Allah. But you people! Rested carelessly and were intoxicated with luxuries; you eagerly waited to hear a bad-news about we “Ahlibayat” rather you waited to see Islam being defeated. And you would flee from the battle fields. Then, when Allah called the messenger back, which is the asylum of all messengers and pious people, signs of disunity and disharmony began to raise among you people; the brightness of Deen began to fade away; misleading voices began to rise high and the unknown people began to raise their heads high.

Shaitan called you overtly and openly invited you towards his fold. He (Shaitan) found you amongst those accepting his invitation and you sought honour in his obedience. He made you dance on his tune; you tuned out to be very mean. He invoked you to usurp the carriage of others and you dominated the fountain of others. Although, the messenger has passed away recently and the grief of his demise is still fresh in our hearts. He has been very recently laid to rest. “Did you stoke this mischief out of fear or are you yourselves mischief-mongers” Remember! Hell is surrounding infidels? Shahzadi expressed grief and said, “It is regret on your part, what has happened to you; where do you flee? When the holy book is before you, teachings of which are crystal clear; signs of which are apparent and Amr-0-Nahi very ostensible and still you deviated and went astray or became slaves of others. If done so, you have made a very wrong selection. Then shahzad recited the following verse of the Quran;

و من ینفع غیرالاسلام دینا فلن یقبل منہ و ھو فی الا خرۃ من الخاسرین

Who so ever adopted a deen except Islam His deen is not acceptable and He will be amongst losers on the day judgment.

You didn’t wait for a bit after the demise of the holly messenger, you don’t brood over your actions; you stoked the fire of mischief and violence in a jiffy; you stood up on the voice of satan; you got engrossed in extinguishing the light of deen; you are hell bent on maligning the sunnat e Nabi. Apparently, you sympathize for Islam but in fact, you are taking undue advantage in the name of Islam; you are hell bent on hurting and harming the messenger and His pious progeny. But we shall patiently bear with all these sufferings as we patiently endured the pains of swords and spears.

      “Shahzadi talks about Her “Bequest” (Miraas)

Do you think that I can’t take the bequest/property of my father, Are you still following the customs of the age of Ignorance (as in this age women were not given their due Share of Property). As for Momineen, Allah is the best commander, do you not know it, you all know it without an iota of doubt that I am the beloved daughter of the revered prophet. Then she addressed the Khalifa and the Muslims;

O! Muslims won’t I receive my bequest. O! Abi Qahaf (Abu Bakr) tell me that in accordance with the teachings of the Quran you can be a heir of the property of you father but I can’t.

If I can’t be the heir of the property of my father then it simply tantamounts to falsify the Quran and the holy prophet. Have you deliberately negated the Quranic teachings when it clearly  says that “Hazrat Sulaiman is heir of His father”

In Surah Maryam 5-6, Hazrat Zakriya recites a dua and says; Oh! Allah bestow up on me a son who could be the heir of me and the progeny of Yaqub. And Allah in Surah Infal ayat 75 says;

وَالَّذِينَ آمَنُوا مِن بَعْدُ وَهَاجَرُوا وَجَاهَدُوا مَعَكُمْ فَأُولَـٰئِكَ مِنكُمْ ۚ وَأُولُو الْأَرْحَامِ بَعْضُهُمْ أَوْلَىٰ بِبَعْضٍ فِي كِتَابِ اللَّـهِ ۗ إِنَّ اللَّـهَ بِكُلِّ شَيْءٍ

And those who believed after [the initial emigration] and emigrated and fought with you – they are of you. But those of [blood] relationship are more entitled [to inheritance] in the decree of Allah. Indeed, Allah is Knowing of all things.

The daughter of the holy pophet cites a number of Quranic verses as a proof to Her arguments for Her dues;

Allah in Sura Nisa says that I want you to know that the due of a son doubles to that of a daughter, and also in surah Baqra Ayat 18, He Says;

صُمٌّ بُكْمٌ عُمْيٌ فَهُمْ لَا يَرْجِعُونَ

Deaf, dumb and blind – so they will not return [to the right path]

Now tell me what do you think. Do you think that I don’t have any right on the property of my father? Is there no relationship between me and my father. Is there any order in the Quran that rejects my father; or do you think that I and my father follow two different religions so we are not heirs of reach other (A non-believer can’t be a heir of a believer). Or do you think that you know more about the Quran than my father and His brother Ali.

Best decision maker is Allah, the Almighty; the supremacy will be in the hands of my father. And it will be the day of judgment when your speech will be of no use. A day is for the consequences of every incident in near future you will come to know that who will become the victim of the wrath of Allah.

Shahzadi Inspires the religious-Spirit of the Ansar.

Shahzadi addresses the Ansar- you are the strong arms and faithful advocates of Islam. Why do you show weak reaction/response with regard to my right? Are not you aware about the injustice being done with me! Is not it the saying of my father, the revered prophet that if you want to honour and safeguard a person then honour and safeguard his children.

You showed weakness and drowsiness very quickly and humiliated yourself very quickly, though you are strong enough to fight for my rights. Do you think that with the demise of the prophet a vacuum has got created in the Islam and a pall of darkness has descended all around; Has the sun and the moon eclipsed? Did Stars lost their brightness? Did the value of virtues diwindle? Did the mountains begin to shake? Did the principles of Allah got wasted; did the respect and reverence lost it value (Even Ahlibayat are not respected) I swear by Allah, the demise of my father is the biggest tragedy. No tragedy is bigger than that every messenger is destined to die and the holy book has already given this message. But does it mean that after the demise of the holy prophet you will retreat towards the age of ignorance. Remember, the Quran says those who retreated in the past didn’t harm Allah rather harmed themselves. And Allah will reward grateful and soon. Will the property of my father get ruined before your eyes. When you hear my voice and lamentation. You are well aware about entire story; you don’t give ear to my laments despite possessing both men and material. You know! Your reputation is due to Jihad and battles; virtue and morality is your identity; you are famous amongst your people. You have been specially selected for we Ahlibayat. You directly fought against Kufar in wars; and faced numerous hardships; you fought against large groups; you routed rebels. In crushing enemies neither we Ahlibayat nor you took any rest. Whenever we ordered, you never missed it to execute them. And it is because of we people that pot of Islam begin to boil. And as a result, the tree of Islam began to bear fruits; Infidility and idolatory weakened; the flood of false accusations dried up. The flames of infedility, mischief, disturbance dissension and discard extinguished. Islamic system begin to rule the roost. Despite all this clearance and transparency are you still in a state of suspense. Do you want to conceal “Haq” after its appearance? Or do you want to stay behind after taking steps for “Haq”? when you not stand against the group which after accepting Islam, breached the faith and are now hell bent on to force the revered prophet in to exile . They have started the wars O! people of Saqifa, do you fear then when you believe in Allah and a true believer doesn’t fear anyone except Allah.

Reasons behind the destruction of Muslim Ummah:

Remember! You are tempted to luxury; you have parted from the personality who is the most deserving for the seat of khilafat. You preferred luxury to simplicity; you forgot what you had learnt from the revered prophet; you abandoned what was good for you. You even abandoned the orders of Allah. Then Shahzadi recites surrah Maryam Ayat 8;

Said, “My lord, how will I have a boy when my wife has been barren and I have reached extreme old age?”

Voice of the Fatima’s painful heart

This dialogue and discourse was full of grief, anxiety and anger. My lecture is not just a collection of words rather lamentations of a painful and irksome heart which narrated an unendurable tale so as the listeners may bear witness to. Now you keep the throne of Khilafat and play on it as you like. But remember! its back is wounded; it is limping and a big stigma of humiliation shines on its forehead which will last forever; this stigma displays eternal wrath; it gives a message of punishment. It’s imaginations frightens the hearts and Allah watches your all activities. Then Shahzadi recites Sura Shura Ayat 227 ;

Except those [poets] who believe and do righteous deeds and remember Allah often and defend [the Muslims] after they were wronged. And those who have wronged are going to know to what [kind of] return they will be returned. (227)

The oppressions will know very soon where they are heading to.

I am the daughter of Rasool who made you aware about the punishment which was coming towards you. Then she recites two ayats fo Surah Hud;

You do your task we shall continue to do ours; you stay in waiting, we shall too.

Last testament of Fatima

O! Abul Hassan my life is drawing to a very close. Listen to me as you will never hear me speaking again. O! Abul Hassan I bequeath you not to forget me; “Do visit my grave after my demise” do perform my last rites i.e burial and laying coffin yourself; After descending me in the grave, do put earth on my grave; while facing my grave recite more and more Quran; because at this particular moment the dead drastically needs affection and affability; Burry me late at night and don’t inform others about my funeral prayers.

Dalayul- Imamat mentions all those men and women about whom “Shahzadi” had bequetted. Barring from Umi-Aimen, Umi-Salma, Fiza, Uncle of the prophet Abbass, Salman Farsi, Amar, Miqdad and Huzaifa, She forbade others to take part in Her funeral prayers. Rather she said, “O! Asma don’t allow those who tyrannized me and usurped my property to take part in my funeral. They are my foes. The testament of Shahzadi Starts with these words;

بسم اللہ الرحمٰن الرحیم: ھذٰ ا ما اوصت بہ فاطمہ بنت رسول اللہ ووھی تشھد ان لا الٰہ الااللہ ۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔

It needs to think over-how tumultuous circumstances prevailed that the daughter of the revered prophet was proclaiming to be a Muslim as she feared that Islam may be denied and infedility may be used as an excuse to usurp her property.

(Sermon of Fadak Translated by Assistant Editor of Wilayat Times,issued by the Representative Office of the Grand Ayatollah Sheikh Wahid Hussain Khorasani India (Magam Chapter Kashmir)