“Family Planning” is West’s hostile policy against Muslim countries: Imam Khamenei

wilayattimes (Iran)

Tehran:The population degeneration policy of the West has today troubled them and they are struggling with the aftermath of applying it. Now they want Muslim countries to be deprived of large populations, dynamic youth and efficient human resources.

Why is it important to have a larger population?

“The Population Wave” is an important resource and capacity that some people are opposed to. Some individuals ask, “Why should the country have such a large population?” Or, “Why should the population increase?”—They are mistaken. A population of eighty-million is a source of credibility for the Islamic Republic. The population of our country is at eighty million. The western policy – I will refer to this later on – to decrease their population has become like an albatross around their necks—this policy is ruining them. They want Islamic countries to be deprived of large populations, active youth, and competent individuals. When I insist that the population should increase and that families should have children – or more children – this is because the future of this country needs more youth. Youth and manpower are not “things” that one can import from outside the country. The country itself can provide such youth. This “population wave” is one of our resources.March 21, 2018

Of course, the issue of population is very important as well. As was pointed out, the issue of population plays a very important role in national power. Some of the gentlemen in this meeting placed an emphasis on this issue which is completely correct. An increase in the young generation and the largeness of the country in terms of population plays a very significant role in achieving power.September 4, 2014

Considering the significance of the issue of population in achieving national power and considering the dynamism, development and youthful nature of the population of the country as an opportunity and advantage and with the purpose of making up for population decreases in recent years, I hereby announce the general policies on population.

In view of the affirmative role of population in the progress of the country, it is necessary to formulate comprehensive plans for achieving the economic, social and cultural growth of the country in line with population policies.May 20, 2014

What are the risks of population degeneration?

One of our most important and valuable assets is our educated young generation. Our educated young generation is courageous, hopeful and dynamic. I would like to digress and say that one of the mistakes that we made is that we should have abandoned the population control policy in the mid-1370s [1990s]. I myself played a role in this mistake. Of course, it was a good policy at that time, but it should have been abandoned in the mid-1370s. We failed to do so, which was a mistake. As I said, our government officials and myself are responsible for this mistake. I hope Allah the Exalted and history forgives us. It is necessary to safeguard the young generation. As I said in a speech in the month of Ramadan, our country will grow old if we continue in this way. Our families and youth should have more children. The way it is practiced today, the policy – which limits the number of children that a family can have – is wrong. If we manage to keep our population young over the next ten, twenty years and far into the future, our youth will solve all the problems that our country is suffering from by relying on their characteristic preparedness, dynamism and talent. Therefore, we do not have essential problems in the way of progress.

October 10, 2012

What is important is that our country with its natural capacities and with its political geography needs a larger population. Moreover, as I said before, the issue of youth is a very important, fundamental and determining issue for the country. According to the research and analysis that experts have carried out and according to the statistics and figures that they have released, if we move forward in this way, our country will suffer from aging in the not too distant future and, in fact, there will be no cure for this malady. No one will have a cure for this malady, not just our country. That is to say, the countries which suffer from aging and infertility today can hardly find a cure for this problem. Naturally, we too will encounter such a problem and we should not let our country reach this point. Of course, considering Islamic principles and ideas and also the political geography of the Middle East region and the Islamic Republic of Iran, the issue of population and population increase are a clear and definite matter.October 28, 2013

What is West’s population prescription for Islamic countries?

Some of our officials, in some corners of the country, trust the foreigners’ version more than the domestic version: this is a grave mistake. Notice that the policy of “the fewer children there are, a better life there is” is European or Western dogma. They [Westerners], themselves, acted on this policy, and they have serious problems because of it today. They are giving out rewards and privileges so that families have more children: they want to make up for this shortcoming, but it is of no use. Some people believed in this policy, and this western version of things. A few years ago, I insisted during different speeches and in private meetings with officials that they should remove obstacles to increase the population. The officials agreed and confirmed our statements, but there are, unfortunately, some obstacles in middle management.

They are not acting on this Islamic version the way they should: “Get married, have children, and this way you will increase in number. Then, I will be proud of you in the face of other nations on Judgment Day”[1]. However, they are acting on Western dogma: this is one of the obstacles in the way of progress.March 21, 2018

We must understand is that Western prescriptions are not trustworthy: I am not saying that we should reject them downright: I am not saying this, but we should evaluate them. We cannot completely submit to Western prescriptions, either in the area of the economy or in other areas such as our population. The subject of Iran’s population exhibits an example of Western prescription; recently, the propaganda apparatus of the mischievous English government has prescribed something for Iran: it says that Iran would be a good country with a population of 30 million. Well, you can dream on! By Allah’s favor, our population will reach 150 million!

The population policies of the country – the ones that we used to pursue – were faulty policies: I have said this before. Of course, the policies were correct in the beginning, but continuing them was not. It was wrong, and we showed negligence in this regard: we must make up for this. The same is true of the economic problems of the country: they will not improve with Western prescriptions. Until now, whenever we employed Western formulas during different years, we did not reap any benefits. In certain areas, we suffered losses. When the issue of reducing the population of Iran arose, in the 2000s, social justice was dealt a harsh blow and as a result, a rift appeared among the social classes. It might have had certain advantages, but we suffered major losses too.May 23, 2018

There is an outlook in our country which tries to copy western or European lifestyle and which has led to such a situation. This is a legacy which has been bequeathed to us. We too showed negligence in a particular period of time and we did not do what we should have done. This is while today a number of these western countries are suffering from population decline and they are regretful about this. And there are a number of western countries which do not suffer from a decline in population. That is to say, there are large families in these countries such as American families with 10, 12 children. So why should Iranian families – which copy the western lifestyle – have only one child or two children? These things exist in the present time and the reports that we receive reflect these facts.October 28, 2013

Iran is among the countries that are targets of U.S.’s avarice; because in its approach and policies, the U.S. is mainly focused on the Middle East. As you know, the Middle East is an important hub of wealth with significant eopolitical positioning. Possessing such distinguished features, our country is located in the Middle East. Why has Iran come to the attention of the invading power, invasive hub— that is the United States— in this challenge? As mentioned earlier, the first rea7son is that Iran is a great, wealthy country with significant subterrain resources.

The world’s second biggest stock of gas belongs to Iran. The invaluable oil stock and other mineral resources are favtors that make Iran important. This is a country with a big population and with a critical geographical situation: a long border at the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman. These features make up great advantages for a country. In addition, through Iran passes the exclusive road that links the East to the other side of the world. No doubt, due to these natural factors, our country—Iran— attracts the attention of the United States and is thus challenged by the U.S. May 12, 2003

Does the policy to increase population put mothers and infants’ health at risk?

The policies on population have been announced and fortunately, officials responded positively to these policies. I have heard that there is a proposal in the Majlis about increasing fertility and preventing the population of the country from decreasing. This is very important. It is alright if we pay attention to maternal, children and infant health – which is very important – and at the same time take care not to make the mistake that we made in the past.

The issue of population decrease is a very important issue. For the enemies whom I referred to in the beginning of my speech, the best thing is an Iran whose population is 20, 30 million, half of which is comprised of old, middle aged and frail individuals. This is the best thing for them. If they can plan for this, they will certainly do it. If they can spend money on this, they will certainly do it. Our move against this move of theirs should be a proper, reasonable, wise and well-informed move. Fortunately, I heard that the friends in the Majlis are following up this issue and I hope that God helps you.  May 25, 2014