From Dogra rule to current Government,Shia community neglected across Jammu at all levels.

wilayattimes (Jammu)

Jammu:Shia Federation Jammu held a massive demonstration outside the Press club Jammu to fulfill their legal demands.

Protestors were holding placards and banners on which demands were written.While speaking President Shia Federation Jammu Mr. Ashiq Hussain khan said that the premises where the Peer – Mitha Police Station, adjoining the karbala complex has been constructed originally belongs to the our community and formed part of the complex.It was illegally encroached upon,  first Police Post was set up, by raising a tent there, later Pacca building was constructed at the spot,  for the Police Post, which since has been upgraded to the Police Station and a new posh building has been constructed there, housing the Police Station.

Mr. Ashiq Hussain Khan further said that the Governments, right from the time of Dogra ruler to the popular governments has been alloting lands to the religious  communities for their shrines etc but in this case the land which belongs to the shia community from the very beginning and formed part of karbala complex was encroached upon by the Govt. for setting up Police Station there.

Mr Ashiq Hussain Khan also demanded setting up of shia community Advisory Board, on the pattern of Advisory Boards, set up for Gujjars, Bakerwals, SC and ST.

He said that J&K Govt have always neglected shia community in all parts of province. He said that there are no basic facilities in shia villages and peoples are suffering alot .He said community in Jammu province has no representation in upper House or Lower House.

He also demanded scholarship for shia students and also a job package for unemployed educated youth.

Among those who joined the protest werr MLA Kargil Asgar Karbalai, MLA Zanskar Aga Syed Bakir Rizvi, Moulana Kousar Jaffari, Sheikh Sajjad Hussain, Bashir Hussain Mir, Jaffar Hussain Wantto, Asgar Ali Mir, Maqbool Hussain, Arif Hussain Mir, Retd. Principal Nazir Hussain Shah, Dr.Ameer Hussain, Shabir Hussain Dar, Syed Khurshid Hussain Shah, Qurban Hussain Shah, Matloob Hussain  Shah, Abid  Hussain Shah, Muzaffar Hussain Shah, Anwar Hussain Wantto, Imran Ali Khan, Syed Muwadat Raza Rizvi, Tanveer Qureshi, Kamran Ali Khan, Syed Qamar Ali Rizvi, Sahil Mushtaq, syed Mannan Haider, Zeeshan Ali Khan and others.