Ghadir, Centre of Muslim unity: Sunni cleric

wilayattimes (Iran)

Tehran:Hadith of Ghadir is clearly stated in Sunni references and the words mentioned by Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) in this Hadith are undeniable.

Mamusta Mostafa Mahmoudi, prayer leader of Sunni community in Piranshahr, in an interview with  (TNA) detailed status of Ghadir Khumm event among Sunni community and explained the view by Sunni elites on that.

He referred to the farewell Hajj pilgrimage by Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) when he introduced Imam Ali (AS) as the next leader of Muslims and said,” The minor difference is on the word Mawla which is interpreted as ‘leader’ by Shia and ‘friend’ by Sunni Muslims.”

Prominent Sunni scholar noted,” Ghadir is a message for solidarity of Muslims and the words mentioned by Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) during Ghadir Khumm event are undeniable.”

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  • Jorg says:

    Let me tell u all people on south front that sunni Islam now a days mainly consists of two big factions. These are wahabis and moderate Sunnis. FSA doesn”t belong to wahabis. They r moderate Sunnis. HTS and ISIS are wahabis. Majority of Syrian govt forces are also moderate Sunnis same as FSA. Wahabis believe in utter bloodshed but Sunnis r not extremists. Sunni clerics and scholars don”t recognize wahabis as Sunnis.they recognize wahabis as KHAWARIJ. Kharijite are nearly considered out of Islam throughout the Islamic history because of their foolish extremism. I personally guess that 10% of American regime change satanic elements in Syria belongs to Sunnis and remaining 90% are wahabis.

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