Grand Ayatollah Sistani condemns US’ ‘vicious’ attack

wilayattimes (Iraq)

Baghdad:Iraq’s top Cleric Grand Ayatollah Syed Ali al-Sistani reacted to US forces’ terrorist act of assassinating General Ghasem Soleimani along with some other figures of the resistance movement.

“A vicious attack led to the martyrdom of a host of heroes who had gained victory over Daesh,” said Ayatollah Sistani on Friday.

IRGC confirmed on Friday that Quds Force commander General Soleimani has been assassinated by US airstrikes on Friday at Baghdad airport. Pentagon said in a statement that US President Donald Trump has ordered the attack.

All the officials in Iran, including the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, strongly condemned the terrorist act, vowing to take revenge on US forces. Three days of public mourning have been announced across the country.

General Soleimani was among the key figures in the fight against terrorism in Syria and Iraq in the past several years.