Hajj a spiritual achievement and symbol of Muslim Unity:Sunni scholar Mohammad Hussein Gorgij

wilayattimes (Iran)

Tehran:Famous Iranian Sunni Scholar Moulana Mohammad Hussein Gorgij said termed Hajj pilgrimage as a manifestation of solidarity among Muslims counting the spiritual achievements of the ceremony for all pilgrims.

Wilayat Times reports, In his weekly Friday sermon Friday Leader ofMoulana Mohammad Hussein Gorgij said that On threshold of the twelfth month in the Islamic lunar calendar, Dhu al-Hajjah, when Muslims participate in the annual pilgrimage to the holy lands in Mecca and Medina, Iranian Qur’an interpreter related on proper understanding of monotheism, Almighty God as focal point in the pilgrimage and also Islamic unity as the three major themes in Hajj.

He referred to solidarity of Muslims from all denominations during Hajj pilgrimage and noted,” This unity is because no one is privileged or leveled in a higher rank to others and all Muslims are equal and members of the same body.