Hajj`manifestation of practical unity among Muslim Ummah:Seyyed Ebrahim Fazel

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Tehran:Seyyed Ebrahim Fazel Hosseini, member of the supreme council at the World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought in an interview highlighted the role of Islamic proximity praising Iran for its serious pursuit of the objective.

He praised the activities of Shia and Sunni representatives at the World Forum bureaus in Iraq, Syria and India as well as the positive outcomes left there.

Mamusta Fazel Hosseini related on the role of Hajj pilgrimage in proximity of Islamic denominations and called Hajj as a manifestation of Islamic unity.

“Followers of all Islamic denominations attend the Hajj pilgrimage in single outfit to announce their disavowal of the non-believers, a move which manifests unity of Muslims in practice” said the Sunni cleric.

He called on Hajj pilgrims to make the most of the opportunity to boost Islamic unity.