Hamas Chief Ismail Haniyeh writes to Imam Khamenei to hail Iran’s stance on Quds

wilayattimes (Palestine)

Gaza:The Letter of Ismail Haniyeh, head of the Political Bureau of the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), to the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution:

Ismail Haniyeh, head of the Political Bureau of the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), addressed a letter to Ayatollah Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution. Pointing to the dimensions of a major conspiracy led by global arrogance against Quds,  and the Palestinian people, which is aimed at overthrowing Gaza as a fortress of resistance, in order to end the struggle against the usurper regime while normalizing relations between dependent regional rulers and the Zionists regime, he appreciated the support of the Iranian people and the guidance of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution in favour of the resistance movement. Thus, in his letter, Haniyeh stressed: “With the onset of a massive Intifada in the West Bank and Quds, we will, with God’s grace, neutralize the conspiracy of today’s tyrant (Trump) and the hypocritic rulers in the far and near capitals who seek to end the Palestinian cause.”

Additionally, Mr. Haniyeh sends the regards of the commanders, the fighters of the Hamas movement, and all the people of Palestine to the leader of the Islamic Revolution and the Iranian nation. 

Furthermore, he expressed that he regards the people of Iran as a people with a rich culture and history who live in a stable, resilient, and anti-arrogant atmosphere. He added: “All the enduring people of Palestine appreciate the Islamic Republic’s standing and worthy positions in regards to Palestine, Quds, and support of the Palestinian people’s resistance with different types of aid.”

The letter mentions major and dangerous conspiracies taking place against the Islamic Ummah, in particular, holy Quds, with the aim of destroying the bases of resistance. He writes: “Although these conspiracies were clear to us since long ago, they have become more apparent than before, in recent months and days, with the Riyadh conference and the words of Donald Trump; in which, he called Iran, Hezbollah, and Hamas their ‘prepared enemies’, and emphasized his Zionist attitude by labeling Quds as the ‘Jewish capital’.”

Ismail Haniyeh goes on to recall some of the troubles the Palestinian people face: the encirclement and complete medical, therapeutic, and economic sanctions against the inhabitants of Gaza; he indicates that these moves aim to create a crisis for the population, weakening the most important base of resistance and states. “The United States and some defeated rulers are seeking to put an end to the plight of Palestine and the resistance against the usurper regime [Zionists]; therefore, the leaders, who crave for the satisfaction of the United States and Israel, can unravel their relations with the Zionist regime and, instead, divert the attention of the Islamic Ummah by directing hostilities towards Iran, provoking Shiite and Sunni prejudices,” Ismail Haniyeh also wrote.

Regarding the announcement of Quds as “the capital of the Zionist regime” by the United States, as a step towards removing obstacles in the way of the region’s rulers plans to create an Arab-Israeli alliance and towards disarming the resistance, in his letter, the head of the Hamas’ political bureau adds: “I strongly believe in the role your Excellency exercises, directing the Islamic Republic and its devout commanders in a direction to carry out the project of accomplishing the goals of Palestine, and also in your statements for mobilizing the Ummah, warning them to avoid the abyss towards which the people are misled by the rulers of hypocrisy and conspiracy.”

On a further note, Haniyeh mentioned Iran’s presence alongside Palestine in difficult situations, and Iran’s performance in the Islamic duty of supporting the resistance is appreciated, adding: “With great guidance of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Iran, undoubtedly, has had and will have a great privilege in strengthening the Mujahideen (fighters) and reinforcing the option of resistance and struggle in Palestine.”

Ismail Haniyeh called the method of neutralizing the ongoing plot against Palestine and the issue of Quds “a massive people’s intifada in the West Bank and Quds,” adding: “We will support this decision with the presence of our people, inside and outside the country, to neutralize the decision of the tyrant of our time, [Trump] in this vast conspiracy he has made clear, in near and far-reaching capitals, the aim of putting an end to the Palestinian cause, especially its sacred symbol, Quds; by God’s permission, we will never allow this plot to become a reality!