Hamas warns of “explosion” in Gaza

wilayattimes (Palestine)

Gaza:A senior Hamas official has warned of an “explosion” in the Gaza Strip amid Zionist regime’s siege of the impoverished enclave

According to Press TV, much of Gaza remains in shambles since Zionist regime’s war against the coastal territory in summer 2014, which martyred more than 2,500 people and wreaked huge destruction across the Strip.

Since 2007, Israel and Egypt have imposed a blockade on Gaza which has one of the world’s highest unemployment rates and poverty is widespread.

Zionist regime on Monday announced it had stopped private imports of cement to the enclave, accusing Hamas of diverting supplies.

Hamas denied the accusation, saying the imports were in line with a UN-brokered Gaza Reconstruction Mechanism, aimed at allowing for reconstruction following Tel Aviv’s three devastating wars since 2008.

Robert Piper, the UN Humanitarian Coordinator for the Palestinian Territories, also said he did not have the evidence to support the Israeli accusation.

Imad al-Baz, Deputy Director of the Economy Ministry in Gaza, said the Hamas government doesn’t interfere with the cement mechanism. He said all cement distribution sites in Gaza are monitored by Israeli cameras.