Hezbollah and Hamas represents entire Muslim Ummah and fighting for liberation of Al Quds:IMUC

wilayattimes (India)

New Delhi:The International Muslim Unity Council (IMUC) Chairman Maulana Taqi Raza in a statement here said that the resistance duo of Hamas in Palestine and Hezbollah in Lebanon are at the forefront of taking on the oppressive forces of Israel and the allies of the Zionist entity.

He further added that these two resistance groups represent the entire Muslim nation and their victory or defeat is tantamount to the victory or defeat of Islam and Muslims.

“All the Muslim dominated countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Egypt, Indonesia etc. should throw their weight behind these groups to strengthen them as they defend our region and struggle to restore the sanctity of the Qibla-Awwal (Bait ul Muqaddas) in Palestine. These groups have no coveted aims and objectives but they have always been on their feet to offer their sacrifices for the glory and sanctity of Islam.

At a time when the enemy forces are trying every bit to defame Islam and bring a bad name to it through proxy wars and media propaganda, it become more a duty of the Muslim nations to wake up to the happenings in the region and around the world and strengthen the hands of the brave youth of Hamas and Hezbollah.”Maulana Taqi Raza emphasised.

Criticising the divisive and dubious policies of the West particularly America and Britain, he said that America and its allies have wrought irreparable death and destruction all across the Muslim nations under the false pretext of democracy and liberalism. This should wake the heads of the Muslim states up and bring them together to unitedly fight the enemy.

Prominent Indian Scholar also said that their is no alternative to unity and those who are against unity of Muslims are the real enemies .